We often get asked by clients whether they should select the Consumer Priority Service (CPS) branded program or choose our white label warranty option. The answer to this question varies for every client and largely depends on their business segment, structure and objectives. I will outline the key advantages of each option to help you decide what best suits your company.

Advantages of the CPS branded provider program.

  • – Most popular choice for retail and ecommerce companies.
  • – Instant set up, no IT work required.
  • – Recognized warranty brand with thousands of 5 star reviews which helps maximize attachment rates.
  • – Requires zero customer service staff, resources, or capital investment.
  • – Scalable solution.

Retailers and ecommerce dealers sell and represent a wide variety of manufacturer’s and SKU’s. They are typically laser focused on delivering the best products and value to their customers which includes the best warranty administrator as well. The CPS branded program gives retailers an instant solution and immediate gratification. There is zero set up required as we provide plug and play set up. Additionally, there is no investment of time or capital required. Once the dealer signs up, the CPS team takes over and maximizes their attachment rate while providing a 5 star customer service experience.

Advantages of the CPS white label option:

  • – Excellent choice for Original Equipment Manufatcturer’s (OEM’s).
  • – Branded web portal, dedicated customer service number and team.
  • – Better brand visibility and recognition.
  • – Keep your customer within your brand/ecosphere.
  • – Scalable solution.
  • – Customers that initially purchased your brand are more inclined to purchase a branded product or warranty which yields a higher attachment rate.

When building a single brand name which is the case for most OEM’s, you’re focused on making your product a household name and building the company’s image. The CPS white label program is aligned with your company’s vision and understands how to provide an amazing 5 star service experience for our mutual customers. In both options above CPS understands that we are an extension of your brand and we take that responsibility very seriously. CPS handles all of the work behind the scenes and lets the dealer and OEM shine in the spotlight.

The bottom line:

Retail and ecommerce dealers typically select the CPS branded warranty program, while manufacturers are best suited for a white label option. In select cases we encourage retailers and OEM’s to change lanes and utilize different programs because one size does not fit all. In any case, whether you choose a CPS branded or white label warranty program, it’s our mission to Provide customers with legendary customer service. It’s in our name “Consumer Priority Service” and deeply embedded in our company’s DNA.

About CPS

Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is a leader and disruptive innovator in the field of service plans. The company offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all types of consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and much more. CPS delivers award winning service and is rated the #1 service provider according to www.toptenextendedwarranty.com. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of “A-” (Excellent) Insurance carrier. Learn more about CPS by visiting www.cpscentral.com. Apply today to join our executive sales team at www.cpscentral.com/jobs.aspx.