5 Helpful Auto Apps

The automotive industry has recently been taking advantage of iPhone and iPod touch applications for its users. This includes racing games, tutorials, gas finders and many more. These applications allow users to make the automotive experience more enjoyable.

Gas Buddy

gas buddy
Apps like Gas Buddy help you make wise choices on the road.

Gas Buddy is an app that quickly allows users to find the closest, most competitive gas station. Users can either use their current GPS-mapped location or enter a zip code. After the gas station has been selected Gas Buddy will give the drive an estimated arrival time. It will also tell the user what amenities are available at the gas station such as car washes, an ATM or convenience store.

After a user has filled their vehicle with gas, Gas Buddy requests that they enter the fuel price so the app’s prices are always current and up to date. If the user just wants to find the closest gas station in general, all there is an option for that, as well.


This app is the perfect tool for car shoppers. It determines the monthly payment for an auto loan or lease. The app has the same information that dealerships use including the loan amount, interest rate, term, sales tax, title fee, doc fee, down payment, bank fee, dealer fee, and license fee.

The user can save calculations on all the different vehicles so they can compare different vehicles. Using this type of app in conjunction with online auto loans brings the entire car buying experience to the user’s finger tips.

Repair Pal

Repair Pal is an app that allows the user to compare local mechanics. All the user has to do is input the make, model and year of their vehicle. Then, the user enters their zip code or allows the app to access the device GPS. Next, the user inputs the service they need. Repair Pal will provide the user with a list of estimated prices from local mechanics and repair shops in the vicinity.

It will include a breakdown of how much labor and parts cost. It also includes mechanic recommendations. All shops listed will be rated with a star system. Addresses and phone numbers are provided for each shop so users can call the shop or navigate their with the touch of a button. Repair Pal even has roadside assistance available and access to the manufacture’s website.


Dynolicious car performance app

Dynolicious is an app that serves as a performance dynamometer. It can measure a vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, horse power, lateral g’s, quarter-mile time and other features, as well. The built in accelerometer allows the app to measure these varying performances. The app also saves results so they can be reviewed over time.


DriveScribe is an app that monitors driving behavior. It also blocks texts and other social media with a vehicle is in motion. It will tell the driver to slow down if they are exceeding the speed limit. The app records driving statistics and sends alerts if the unsafe driving is recorded. Another great feature is points that can be accrued for good driving.