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Whether it’s part of your home entertainment system, or simply for watching movies and shows, people love to watch TV. However, sometimes accidents can occur that can cause your TV to break or drastically impact its performance. To protect your TV from these types of incidents, purchase a CPS Accidental TV warranty!

These warranties are meant to protect you against common accidents and impacts that can happen, including dropping the TV while moving or mounting, kids hitting or knocking the TV over. They even cover burn-in damage, which isn't usually covered by the OEM. Plus, if something happens to your remote, you can ask for a hot-swap replacement without any questions asked. We'll also be there to help you with our tech support packages for your initial product set-up and/or configuration.

For our standard plan, your contract and coverage starts 30 days after purchase. This runs along with the manufacturer’s warranty for the first year, giving you added protection. Once you have this warranty protecting your TV, you won’t have to worry about being unable to repair or replace it because of an accident.

TV Extended Warranty FAQ

Tune in to the CPS TV Extended Warranty Plan

Yes. Your coverage will typically continue until your contract expires. Your coverage will end, however, if your TV is replaced or the total cost of the repairs meets the maximum liability (the original price you paid for your TV).

For TVs under $500 and 40 inches, you will be directed to send your TV into CPS’s authorized service center. For TVs over $500 and 40 inches, CPS will send a local authorized repair center to the customer’s location to do repairs.

If we cannot repair your TV, we will provide you with a check for the current market value of your TV.

This warranty covers 100% of the parts and labor used in the repairs of your TV. The warranty also covers all internal hardware failure. This warranty is applicable to any size and type of television or monitor, whether that be tube, projection, DLP, LCD, or plasma.

Yes, you can. Contact CPS by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443, and our customer experience team will be able to help you transfer your warranty to a new owner. A small $25.00 transfer fee applies.

For our standard plan, your contract and coverage starts 30 days after purchase.

For refurbished products that have a 30 – 90 day warranty, Coverage begins 30 days after purchase.

You can file a claim by signing into your account on and clicking file claim, or alternatively by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443.

Yes, we do have commercial plans available for TVs. They cover the same issues that our standard plan does. The main difference is that the contract for our commercial plans start the day you purchase the TV, with coverage starting as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

No. If you are purchasing a TV for commercial use, you cannot purchase our standard plan.

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