Apple Vision Pro Extended Warranty Protection

The Vision Pro is a sophisticated and high-end device. Investing in an extended warranty ensures that you have added protection beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. In case of any unforeseen issues, the extended warranty can cover the cost of repairs or even provide a replacement device, saving you from expensive out-of-pocket expenses.

With the Vision Pro being a crucial tool for professionals or enthusiasts, any downtime can be detrimental to your work or productivity. Having an extended warranty means that you can quickly resolve any technical glitches or malfunctions, minimizing the disruption and allowing you to get back to your tasks without unnecessary delays.

Purchasing an extended warranty for your Apple Vision Pro is a sensible choice. It provides an extra layer of protection, ensures peace of mind, and often comes with valuable additional benefits. By investing in an extended warranty, you can safeguard your investment and enjoy a worry-free experience with your high-end Apple device.

Apple Vision Pro Extended Warranty FAQ

Apple Vision Pro Protection That You Can Trust

Yes. Your coverage will typically continue until your contract expires. Your coverage will end, however, if your Apple Vision Pro are replaced or the total cost of the repairs meets the maximum liability (the original price you paid for your Apple Vision Pro).

Yes, you will. If your Apple Vision Pro break, we will provide you with instructions on shipping your Apple Vision Pro to CPS’s repair facility. Once we receive it, we will complete repairs for your Apple Vision Pro.

If we cannot repair your Apple Vision Pro, we will provide you with a check for the current market value of your Apple Vision Pro.

Our standard headphone warranty includes 100% parts and labor coverage for the repairs of your Apple Vision Pro. The warranty also covers any and all hardware failure, as long as it is not a result of accidental damage.

The accidental damage warranty covers any drops under 6 feet and liquid spills on the Apple Vision Pro. This coverage is on top of the standard warranty’s coverage, meaning all hardware malfunction is completely covered as well.

Yes, you can. Contact CPS by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443, and our customer experience team will be able to help you transfer your warranty to a new owner. A small $25.00 transfer fee applies.

For refurbished headphones with a 30-90 day warranty, our contract starts the date you purchase your Apple Vision Pro, with coverage beginning as soon as the 30-90 day warranty ends.

You can file a claim by signing into your account on and clicking file claim, or alternatively by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443.

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