Medical Equipment Extended Protection Plan

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of medical equipment is pivotal for healthcare facilities. An Extended Warranty and Protection Plan plays a critical role in achieving this, offering peace of mind by safeguarding against unexpected repair costs and downtime. These plans not only extend the life of valuable medical devices but also ensure they are operating efficiently and safely, which is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care. Investing in an extended warranty and protection plan is a strategic move for any healthcare facility aiming to maintain operational excellence and enhance patient outcomes.

An Extended Warranty and Protection Plan for medical equipment is a cornerstone for healthcare facilities aiming to maintain high operational standards and patient care quality. By choosing a plan from Consumer Priority Service (CPS), healthcare providers can ensure their medical devices are protected beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. This extended coverage is crucial for minimizing equipment downtime and avoiding unexpected repair costs. CPS's comprehensive protection plans are designed to offer peace of mind.

Investing in a medical equipment extended warranty and protection plan with Consumer Priority Service guarantees a swift and efficient resolution to any equipment issues. CPS stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering easy claim filing and quick service, thereby reducing the time medical equipment is out of use. This responsiveness is essential for healthcare facilities, where every minute counts in patient care. Medical providers can rely on expert support and service to keep their equipment functioning at its best, ensuring continuous, high-quality care for patients.

Consumer Priority Service not only offers financial protection against unexpected repair costs but also extends the lifespan of medical equipment, which is a significant investment for any healthcare facility. The comprehensive coverage provided by CPS ensures that equipment is maintained, repaired, or replaced according to the highest standards, preserving its value and functionality over time. This proactive approach to equipment management is invaluable, as it helps healthcare providers maintain operational excellence and meet the evolving needs of patient care.

Medical Equipment Extended Warranty FAQ

Medical equipment warranties come with great benefits

Our extended warranty covers a range of issues including mechanical breakdowns, electrical failures, and normal wear and tear beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty. It ensures your medical equipment remains operational with minimal downtime.

You can choose from various coverage plans ranging from 1 to 5 years, extending the protection of your medical equipment well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Our Extended Warranty plans cover a wide array of medical equipment, including imaging systems, Defibrillators, Ventilators and Respirators, Anesthesia Machines, Patient Monitors, Sterilizers, EKG/ECG Machines, hospital beds, ultrasonic machines, diagnostic machinery, treatment devices, medical scooters and more. Please check our list of eligible equipment on our website or contact us for more information.

Yes, our Extended Warranty plans are available for both new and certified refurbished medical equipment. Certain conditions and inspection criteria may apply for pre-owned equipment.

Filing a claim is simple. You can either call our dedicated support line, available 24/7, or submit a claim online through our customer portal. We aim to process claims quickly to reduce your equipment downtime.

Yes, our Extended Warranties are transferable, which can add value to your equipment should you decide to sell it. Transferring the warranty is a straightforward process, detailed on our website.

Our Extended Warranty stands out due to our comprehensive coverage options, flexible plan durations, exceptional customer support, and hassle-free claims process. We’re dedicated to keeping your medical equipment running smoothly with minimal interruptions.

Purchasing an Extended Warranty is easy. You can complete the process online through our website, where you’ll select your equipment type, coverage plan, and duration. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team for assistance and personalized recommendations.

Medical Equipment Extended Warranty Trusted by Millions of Customers Worldwide

Hospitals, medical facilities, and nursing homes are facing significant pressure to simultaneously reduce budgets and increase equipment stocks. They are being held accountable to provide quality care, as profit margins grow thinner and thinner. The world’s current health climate has exacerbated this conundrum.

The path to cost reduction is to ensure hospitals have an accurate understanding of the real cost of medical equipment. The initial cost is a factor —but what about the true cost of owning this equipment? What happens when your product fails? After the budget is closed there is no room to purchase additional devices or spend dollars on costly repairs, you need a solution now. While expenses like person protection equipment (PPE) are unavoidable, the cost to keep your products functional should not be something you should have to worry about. That’s where CPS’s Medical Device warranty comes in.

Protect Your Medical-Related Equipment with Our Comprehensive Warranty

In the healthcare industry, the reliability and functionality of medical equipment are paramount. Understanding this, we offer an extensive warranty program designed to protect your medical-related equipment against unforeseen malfunctions and defects, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose Our Warranty for Your Medical Equipment?
Peace of Mind: Our warranty coverage offers peace of mind, knowing that your essential medical devices are protected against potential failures. This means less downtime and more focus on providing top-notch patient care.

Comprehensive Coverage: From diagnostic imaging devices to patient monitoring systems, our warranty covers a wide range of medical equipment. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Support: Gain access to our team of skilled technicians and customer support specialists. With years of experience in the medical equipment industry, they provide prompt and efficient service, ensuring your equipment is back in operation as quickly as possible.

Flexible Plans: We understand that every healthcare facility has unique needs. That’s why we offer customizable warranty plans. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital, we have the perfect coverage option for you.

Cost-Effective: Protect your investment without breaking the bank. Our warranty plans are designed to be affordable, reducing the overall cost of ownership and saving you money in the long run.

Enroll Today and Secure Your Equipment
Don’t let equipment failures disrupt your healthcare services. Our warranty program is designed to ensure that your medical devices operate reliably, day in and day out. Contact us today to learn more about our warranty options and how we can help protect your medical-related equipment. Secure your investment and continue delivering exceptional care with confidence.

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Products Covered By Medical Equipment Extended Warranty



Hospital Beds

Ultrasound Machines

EKG Machines

Patient Monitors

Anesthesia Machines

Ventilators and Respirators

Mobility Scooters

What’s Covered in the Medical Equipment Warranty

Consumer Priority Service is proud to be the leader in the field of medical device protection for healthcare organizations and laboratories. For us, being the best is easy – we truly CARE about our customers – your patients. Purchase one of our plans and you’ll enjoy:

– Rapid claim response times – On-site service – Seamless communication with USA-based, real, live operators – Loaner units and advance exchanges – Notifications about product recalls or updates

Hardware Failure

Manufacturer Defects

In-Home Service

Factory-Authorized Repairs

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