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For graduation, you got your kid a steel chronograph, but know, (despite your warnings,) he’s sure to interpret “water resistant” as an invitation to check the time while snorkeling or chatting with friends in the lake at camp. And then, there’s you. While you try your best to be gentle, too many times, you’ve scratched the face of your Grandpa’s watch as you do rigorous house and lawn work. You’ve had to pay a lot of money for repairs on each occasion! Furthermore, even though you judge your kid, too often, you’ve lazily skipped the unbuckling-the-leather-band step before showering. And so, because you are now older, smarter, and wiser, you are on this page to buy a watch warranty.

Watch Protection Warranty FAQ

Protect your watch for as low as $1.99 a month.

CPS has 2 convenient options. You may bring your watch to a local repair shop or ship your watch to CPS for service. Option 1: Bring your watch to a local watch repair shop and submit your estimate to CPS for approval and reimbursement. Option 2: If you prefer to ship your watch to CPS for coverage, we will provide you with instructions. Once received, we will repair your watch and ship it back to you.

If we cannot repair your watch, we will provide you with a replacement (same make and model) or a check for the current market value of the watch.

No worries! You can cancel your contract at any time by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443. We will process your cancellation and send you a pro-rated refund.

Our watch warranty doesn’t cover intentional damage or lost or stolen watches.

Your contract starts the day you purchased our warranty, with coverage beginning on day 31. This helps protect us from fraudulent claims, ensuring we can provide the best coverage possible for you.

You can file as many claims as you like. Your watch coverage remains in place until your contract expires or until your limit of liability is used up.

You can file a claim by signing into your account on and clicking file claim, or alternatively by giving us a call at 1 (800) 905-0443.

This warranty covers 100% parts and labor for the repairs and accidental damage which protects the watch from liquid and impact damage. It also covers any and all failures, due to workmanship.

Yes! Our warranty will cover your working old, whether it is old or new. It must be in good working order, free from pre-existing defects.

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What’s Covered?

The CPS Watches Protection Plan protects your Watches purchase for two
years as a service protection plan. Products covered:

Diving watches

Luxury watches

Fashion watches

Pocket watches

Additional Benefits

Worldwide coverage

Warranty is fully transferable if the item is sold or given as a gift