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Consumer Priority Service offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all consumer purchases, ranging from mobile devices to computers to major appliances and more. Leading provider of extended warranty services for Smartphones, TVs, Tablets, Drones, Laptops, TV’s, Monitors, Appliances, Furniture and more. Trusted by Millions of Customers Worldwide. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about our warranty and our service. Our goal is to provide you with a resource that helps you make more informed decisions about the products and services you use on a daily basis. We have put together reviews as well as customer testimonials from those who have used our services in the past. We hope these serve as useful resources for you when researching all extended warranty plans.

Customer service provided the most stellar, gold-standard service I have ever received. Everyone should strive to be like him. He was excellent in every respect, and so courteous, just absolutely uplifting. Most of all he was beyond competent and exceptional in his customer delivery. He would do well in the highest visibility role in your company. Because of him and his delightful service that inspired much confidence, we decided on the spot to consider all out home warranties and other warranties. What an asset to your company. My mother and I are such fans of him, please never lose him! CPS is THE BEST! The best thing since sliced bread!

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Best Customer Service
Frances C

I think this call and customer feedback is good. It makes the client feed comfortable to do business with company and invite more of his/her friend to come do more business with CPS. Thanks

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Consumer Priority Service Best Warranty
Vinny U

Awesome they were understanding and friendly and saved my item and I deeply appreciate their communication and friendly service I highly recommend this warranty

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Highly Recommend This Warranty
Tina B

My experience with CPS customer restored my faith in customer service. After a terrible experience elsewhere, I thought I would be unable to use my warranty. I was frustrated and defeated. CPS went the extra mile to help make sure my product was accepted, completely repaired and returned to me with ease. Thank you CPS

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Thank you CPS
Michelle T

I had a digital camera repaired by the service. The process worked perfectly for me. For a small charge for shipping, labels and a packing list were generated. All I had to do was purchase a suitable box and packing material. The company provided email updates at each stage of the process. The camera was repaired and returned to me in full working order. I was very happy with the service.

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Digital Camera Extended Warrranty
David E

When the device I had recently bought stopped working, I was upset and sad that I had bought a device and lost my money. But I remembered I bought this warranty with Consumer Priority Service and went ahead and filed a claim. They were very quick to answer and very quick to get my device and back to working. I think the whole transaction was very quick and they were very professional about everything. I am very happy with CPS.

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Great Smartphone Warranty

I have a couple of my appliances covered with Consumer Priority Service. I have had to use the coverage a couple of times and every time I needed to use my warranty I was taken care of well. They were very professional and even though I was upset that my appliance broke down they were very understanding and got me service quickly. They sent over a Factory Authorized technician every time one of my units broke down and the technicians were always very professional and were able to fix my appliances quickly. I am very happy Consumer Priority Service.

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Appliances Extended Warranty
Frank B

Warranties can be scary, but i didnt have that with CPS. My husbands favorite grill wouldnt work, I filed a claim, had service VERY timely and its as good as new. Almost had a heart attack when we found out how much it would have been to repair out of pocket. Thank you so so much.

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Warranties can be scary

Nathan Z is the best! He helped me to return my my son's hover board while we had a warranty on it. He was very kind, respectful, and had a very good understanding with my concern. His service was super fast and made my day! Thank you so much, Nathan! Jetson is lucky to have you as a manager!

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Hover Board Warranty
Sahar F

Nathan Z at CPS went above and beyond to help get my camera in working order. I had the misfortune of purchasing a camera that wasn't working properly from the outset, and after sending it to Nikon and learning the they wouldn't repair it, Nathan went to bat on my behalf to have CPS do the repairs at no cost to me, even though technically my repairs weren't covered under their extended warranty policy. I'm so appreciative to him for his help. Such care and concern for customers is a wonderful thing to experience.

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Digital Camera Warranty
Midori W

This business is awesome. I dealt with Nathan Z, and his customer service is on 10. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and very respectful. I would recommend this business to any consumer, you will be highly satisfied.

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Great Customer Service CPS
Rhonda T