CPS Warranty App for Shopify

Seamlessly Integrate Product Warranties without Spending Extra Money

The CPS Warranty app for Shopify is an innovative approach for Shopify retailers to provide a high-end user-experience and accomplish complete customer satisfaction. Consumer Priority Service has developed the CPS Warranty application to address the challenges of e-commerce stores and product dealers, which they face with product warranty mentions and integrations on their online store. With this app, there is no need to spend extra money on third-party integrations. Simply download and install to get started.

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Why Your Shopify Store Needs CPS Warranty App

Profit margins on electronics, appliances, and consumer products are already minuscule. You, as a retailer, can add margin by selling accessories, such as cases or cables with these original products.

Warranties are the best accessory to add on any sale because:

• You can add them to virtually every product that you sell
• You can make 100% profit on the sale of a warranty
• A warranty is an accessory that your customers want to purchase!

Before the CPS Warranty app existed, if you, as a retailer, wanted to sell warranties with your products, you would have to pay a hefty amount to a programmer to update the code of your product listings to show that a warranty is available, every time. Doing this is super time consuming and would cost thousands of dollars in tech time.

So how does CPS resolve this issue and save you time and money?

With the CPS App, you can quickly start by just installing the app, and it starts connecting warranties on its own like a magical wand spreading its magic.

CPS Warranty app provides you a cost-effective and hassle-free solution to these problems. Retailers can easily download this app and integrate it with their existing Shopify store for free, where it starts showing product warranties to the potential buyers. This not just saves money but also helps in accelerating sales.

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How Does the CPS Warranty App Work?

Using our CPS (Customer Priority Service) Warranty app is as simple as counting 1-2-3. It gives medium and large enterprises a flexible and easy-to-use solution to deliver exceptional user experience and customer service.

Want to know how?

The Shopify online stores that sell physical products directly to the customers such as TVs, jewelry, computers, home appliances, home goods and other products. All such products have some kind of product warranty.

With the help of the CPS Warranty app, you can add a small box on the product page. This provides your customers with the option of purchasing additional warranty coverage for the purchased product, such as accidental coverage for portable products, in-home repair services for appliances and TVs, and extra years of coverage (up to 6 years total from the original date of purchase).

Once you integrate the app with your online store, the app lists the products and starts showing the status of available warranties. Additionally, you can view all warranties’ pricing connected to your account.

Do you wish to customize it with striking color schemes, captivating previews, and other customizations? No problem!

The app offers a variety of customization options such as font, color, preview, and corner radius. Thus, you can customize according to your Shopify store’s scheme.

When the customer purchases the product from your Shopify store and adds it to the cart, the applicable warranty automatically updates in the cart. As soon as the order of your customer is successfully paid, it sends the warranty order to CPS through API. Once we receive the system’s warranty order, CPS will send an email to the customer regarding warranty information.

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About Our Company

Established in 1990, Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is a consumer-focused company that enables businesses of all scale to deliver complete customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty. It provides best-in-class experiences, making it the number one choice for manufacturers, e-commerce stores, and retailers alike.

The company is fully insured, and A.M. Best backs it with ‘A’ Rated underwriter. It focuses on providing exceptional end-user experience through different customer-oriented services. As an established company in the business, it offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including OEM and extended warranty, management of returns, call center services with world-class technical support and customer service, data analysis expertise, and business consulting.

Plus, CPS enjoys a high rating on Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, and Reseller Ratings. Through our unique and innovative approach, we have served some of the top Fortune 500 companies providing them with a customized solution that perfectly meets their requirements.