5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Phone Insurance

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Phone Insurance

If you’re someone who goes through phones like candy, keep reading! Check out these 5 reasons why you should invest in phone insurance today!

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Did you know the average price of a smartphone increased by 11 percent in the last quarter of 2017? Apple released their $1,000 iPhone X and Samsung released their $930 Galaxy Note 8. With such expensive phones on the market, it’s no wonder people try to hold onto their phones as long as possible.

Are you someone who has broken or lost a phone in the past and had to scramble to replace it at full cost? Are you always worried about cracking your screen or dropping your phone in water? You should consider insuring your phone.

We purchase insurance for our cars and homes, and with the high cost of phones, insuring them as well isn’t much of a stretch. Still not quite convinced it’s worth it? Read on for our five reasons why you should invest in phone insurance.

1. You Can Purchase Insurance After You’ve Bought Your Phone

Most sellers will tell you about their cell phone insurance plans at the time of sale. But you may have been too focused on buying and setting up your new phone to consider insurance. If you passed on purchasing insurance when you first bought your phone, you’re not out of luck.

While you may not be able to drive a new car before notifying your insurance provider, it’s easier with a new phone. Most providers will allow you to add insurance to your plan within 30 days of activation or renewal. You can usually even do this over the phone or online.

So if you recently purchased a phone without a protection plan, act now. You don’t want to miss your window of opportunity only to end up damaging or losing your phone within a few months. Being proactive is always better than being reactive.

2. Insurance is More Dependable Than a Good Phone Case

We know there are countless phone case options available today. And many brands market themselves as offering products that offer great protection. And while a good case may help protect your phone, it can’t completely prevent damage.

No case can make your phone completely waterproof or shatterproof. And a phone case can’t prevent your phone from theft or loss. Your best bet may be investing in one of the best phone cases and a quality insurance plan.

Insurance is especially beneficial if you tend to choose phone cases for their looks. This is important to consider if you have teenagers with phones that need protecting. Let them choose a fun case and then invest in the protection plan.

3. Insurance is More Affordable Than You Think

You’re already dropping a decent amount of money on your new phone. Even if you’re using a payment plan, the costs can add up and it can be overwhelming. We understand that the thought of adding an insurance plan on top of this initial cost may be scary.

Insurance plans are actually more affordable than you may assume. In fact, the deductible on your phone insurance plan will likely be much lower than the cost of a new phone. Many providers offer a few insurance plan options, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs and budget.

The value of insurance extends to the quality of the repair, too. Many phone repair companies offer services that are costly or unreliable. The right insurance plan can help ensure your phone receives proper repair at a fair price.

4. Filing a Claim is Simple

Have you ever gotten into a car accident and had to file an insurance claim? The process was likely long and stressful. Luckily, that isn’t the case when it comes to phone insurance claims.

Don’t let the fear of the claims process stop you from protecting your phone with insurance. Most companies want to make the process as smooth as possible for their customers. You can file a claim at any time, and it won’t take you hours to complete the process.

If you’ve damaged or lost your phone, a quick and easy phone call to your provider is all it takes to file your claim. You’ll answer a few questions, and your new phone should arrive in two weeks or less. Depending on the provider, you may even be able to pick up your new phone sooner and in-person. 

5. Insurance Covers Things a Warranty Doesn’t

Are you thinking that because your phone came with a warranty, you don’t need insurance? It’s true that most phones today have manufacturer warranties. A warranty usually covers mechanical issues and software defects, but not much else.

One of the best reasons to invest in a smartphone protection plan is that it will cover what a warranty may not. A warranty isn’t likely to cover damage caused by carelessness or accidents. If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, a warranty won’t help in those cases either.

Of course, we’re not saying to ditch or ignore the warranty. Think of a warranty as your first line of defense against phone issues and damage. Your cell phone protection plan is there to pick up the slack if your warranty can’t take care of all your needs.

Once You Realize the Value of Smartphone Insurance, Consider Your Other Tech Tools and Appliances

We’ve touched on only a few of the countless reasons why phone insurance is a smart investment. Once you insure your phone, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your phone is well-protected. Don’t you want to have that same peace of mind for all your technology tools and appliances?

There are insurance options available for smartphones, laptops, cameras, appliances, and more. If you have a piece of technology equipment you value, there’s likely an insurance plan for it. Like we mentioned earlier, you protect your car and home, so it makes sense to protect the tech you use every day.

To learn more about insurance and warranty options for your tech tools, browse our blog. We’re proud to offer a wealth of advice and tips on protecting your most valuable items. Read about extended laptop warranties, extended TV warranties, and even furniture protection plans.