5 Ways to Green Your Existing Office

Companies often contemplate their options for making their workplaces more environmental friendly. Going green can have the added benefit of reducing operating costs, as well as providing a healthier working environment for their employees. Office workers frequently lament about windows that do not open or the lack of natural light.

Yet undertaking a new construction with built-in environmentally friendly features is often unfeasible. As an alternative, companies can opt for small changes to green up their serviced offices mayfair, using a selection of cost effective options that can fit with their existing infrastructure.

Track energy use

The first logical step toward a greener office is creating a way to track energy use. There are a variety of software programs that are able to provide real-life feedback on energy use, including information on water and natural gas consumption.

With the help of a dashboard, employees can monitor their hourly energy use, as well as stay informed about the office’s alternative energy and electricity ratio in order to achieve their energy saving and sustainability goals.

Cool buildings with the air outside

green office
Use outside air to cool your building

It sounds simple: if you are too hot, open a window. But for many office workers this is not an option. As sealed windows were designed to maximize the effects of air-conditioning, they actively prevent employees in opting for the benefits of using natural breeze over forced air as their office cooling system. In certain regions natural ventilation is a viable option year around for keeping buildings cool, while significantly reducing energy costs and usage.

Let in more natural light

Sitting in a cubicle does not have to mean the constant reliance on harsh overhead lights. While converting entire sections of the roof might be out of reach, installing tubular skylights is certainly a good option. Unlike traditional skylights, tubular ones are able to direct the sunlight into specific areas of a building, reducing the need for an electric lighting system.

These strategically placed fixtures combined with large windows considerably decrease the need for daytime electricity use, while also creating a pleasant working environment well lit with abundant natural light.

Install solar panels over the parking lot

Alternative energy is familiar concept to most companies, but they can find it challenging to place an infrastructure that can effectively produce much needed electricity. Placing one or two solar planes is usually not a problem, but installing a solar canopy requires a fairly large and even space that is often not available on older buildings.

The footprint of a parking lot, however, can be easily re-purposed to install a series of overhead solar panels, which will provide a constant flow of alternative energy for the office, while keeping employees’ vehicles cool and sheltered from the weather.

Install a main shut-off switch

Finally, to outsmart the vampires of the electric world, install a main switch that shuts off all power supply to non-essential equipment after business hours. This will effectively cut off the possibility of phantom energy use and quickly reduce pointless energy consumption.