A Historic 20th Anniversary for CPS at CES 2024 – Celebrating A Milestone with Powerful Innovations

The world recently witnessed an amazing showcase at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the globally renowned hub of tech advancement and innovation. Consumer Priority Service (CPS) made an unprecedented mark this year, as we celebrated a landmark 20th anniversary at the show, demonstrating not only longevity but the importance of customer-centric solutions in the dynamic landscape of technology.

CPS’s remarkable two-decade-long presence at the most significant tech event in the world resonates with its commitment to delivering excellence and forging ahead with leading-edge solutions.

It’s incredible to look back at the 20 years of innovation, commitment, and dedication that have brought us to this milestone, said Larry Heffez, CPS’s visionary CEO and Founder. Our longevity in the industry speaks volumes about the trust and dependability we have built with our clients over the years.

Larry Heffez, CPS CEO & Founder, and Nelson Muniz, Executive Sales Manager, at CES 2024
Larry Heffez, CPS CEO & Founder, and Nelson Muniz, Executive Sales Manager, at CES 2024

Presenting at CES 2024, CPS unveiled an array of extended warranty programs and protection plans, catered to meet the evolving demands of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), e-commerce dealers, and retailers for the newest high-tech gadgets.

We’re thrilled to present our extensive range of protection plans tailored to meet the needs of our growing client base, said Nelson Muniz, Executive Sales Manager at CPS.

Adding more prowess to its presence at the event, CPS also introduced its Omnichannel Solutions division, which allows retailers like Walmart and other global manufacturers to outsource their customer support and call centers.

Mark Faour, Sales and Operations Manager at CPS, enthused about this development.

With the launch of our Omnichannel solutions, we aim to provide an even more seamless experience for both the businesses we collaborate with and their end customers. By entrusting their customer service functions to us, businesses can focus more on what they do best, while we ensure the consumers’ journey is smooth and supported every step of the way.

Mark Faour, CPS Sales & Operations Manager, at CES 2024
Mark Faour, CPS Sales & Operations Manager, at CES 2024

CPS has undoubtedly made an indelible impression at CES 2024, combining two decades of experience and innovative solutions to benefit retailers and customers alike. With its game-changing initiatives and dedicated customer service, the company’s successful 20-year history appears to be just the beginning of a more compelling narrative in the tech industry.

To join CPS in their journey to make the future of customer service solutions brighter and more effective, learn more about partnering with them HERE.

Celebrating 20 successful years at CES, CPS remains firmly dedicated to its vision and eager for many more milestones ahead. The anniversary wasn’t just about looking back, but also paving the way for an even more successful future. It truly is an exciting time for CPS – Here’s to the next 20 years!

About Consumer Priority Service:

A leader in service plans, Consumer Priority Service provides extended warranties on a wide range of consumer electronics, computers, appliances, power tools, and more. With an A.M. Best rating of “A-” (Excellent) and hassle-free online control, customers can rest assured they will receive the ultimate service plan experience. From Date of Purchase to OEM Parts and Labor Service Plans and everything in between, CPS provides unmatched protection on products, new or refurbished. For retailers, e-commerce, and manufacturers looking for a reliable warranty partner – CPS is the best choice.