A Look at Home Surveillance

In the current backdrop of rising theft and burglary rates, home security has come up as an important deterrent. Everyone wants to live in a house that is safe and homely. But relying only on intruder alarms are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Although setting up security cams in one’s homes may seem a little too much, but there’s a specific reason as to why they are found installed at government offices, corporate houses, ATM counters, schools, Hostels etc.

They not only help identifying the culprit at times of a related crisis, but also acts an impediment to those with malevolent intentions. There are many levels of residential security coverage to choose from, once one has decided to install them.Here are a couple of points, based on which, a well informed decision can be made while zeroing in, on the surveillance choice.

Wired Home Surveillance Equipment

If one is looking for a proper safety-affordability balance, then wired home surveillance equipment is definitely the right choice. Once these cameras are installed, the maintenance cost is almost nil. All that is needed is the initial cost of installation.

Earlier such systems used tapes which had to be changed from time to time and the process was cumbersome, but modern DVR systems not only enable capturing the footage digitally but also ensures its online monitoring, which is a added advantage. Another advantage of these systems is their relatively low power consumption rates, this keeps the utility bills at a check.

Wireless Surveillance Equipment

home security
Home security units are key to protecting your home.

Wireless home security equipment on account of their hassle free handling and easy installation facilities, are fast capturing the home security market. No doubt the ease of set up and the versatility makes it a lucrative buy, but one should also consider its functional viability and maintenance costs before submitting oneself to the purchase.

Obstructions caused by various factors like power fluctuations, interference etc reduces the ability of the camera transmitters to function to their full potential, this along with the distance factor affects the quality of the transmitted image/video negatively.

Besides, wireless installations often require their very own power source, so the utility bills tend to go a notch higher. When it comes down to only image and video quality, conventional wired home security systems have an edge over their wireless counterparts, but the easy and hassle free initial installation phase makes the wireless systems more popular for smaller households.

Self-Contained Home Surveillance Equipment

Many home owners want monitoring of only specific regions of their home, or specific rooms whereas video camera gives coverage to the entire house. To cater to such needs, self-contained security equipment is an appealing option to potential buyers. Here cameras are kept disguised under regular items, it may seem to be a clock, a smoke detector or even a stuffed animal.

Many home security companies are trying to use this particular niche to market their products specific to such customers. These self contained systems require no real installation and have the advantage of camouflage. It provides security, monitoring and at the same time eliminates the creepiness.