Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) coverage


  • ADH coverage is an option for new, store-purchased items and protects against drops and spills.
  • ADH is typically offered as an option for MP3 Players, Laptops, GPS Devices, Cameras, and other portable electronics.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: Refer to the details of the contract for the full list, but there are 5 notable exclusions to your coverage.

  • Product failures within the first 60 days: We don’t cover items that are dead on arrival or that fail within the first 60 days.
  • Accessories and Consumer replaceable parts: We don’t cover accessories and parts that are meant to be replaced by the consumer, such as batteries and ink cartridges.
  • Software: We don’t cover software issues, including software for computers, cell phones and PDAs.
  • Certain Types of Items. Items used in a commercial setting (e.g., an office printer) or fraudulently misrepresented are not covered.
  • We don’t cover stolen or lost products.

DEDUCTIBLE:. For cell phones covered by our ADH warranty, a $99 deductible applies to ADH claims. If your issue falls under the standard Care Plan terms (i.e., a mechanical or electrical failure), no deductible applies. For all other item types, CPS has waived the deductible for filing a claim, so there is no deductible for filing an ADH claim.

REFUND POLICY: We will provide you with a full refund if you cancel your CPS Agreement 30 days from purchase of the Care Plan. If you choose to cancel your Service Agreement after this period, we will pro-rate your refund based on how much time has passed. You can also transfer your Service Agreement at any time for a $25.00 transfer fee.