Acer announces two unlocked, dual-SIM Android phones starting at $129

The flagship phone segment can be cutthroat, so Acer is bringing two phones for those not wanting to spend a lot to avoid a carrier contract.

The large phone makers are constantly battling it out with high-end phones. You have Apple and Samsung front and center, trying to capture consumer dollars with the iPhones and Galaxy phones, respectively.
For some consumers, keeping the cost of a new phone down is paramount, and two new handsets from Acer aim to please that crowd. The least expensive of the two is the Acer Liquid Z410. The hardware is nothing special, with a 4.5-inch display and only 1GB of system RAM. This memory, along with the measly 8GB of storage, can be doubled to 2GB/16GB for only $20.

The Z410 is a reasonable solution for those wanting to avoid a carrier contract. It is unlocked and only $129, which isn’t bad for a dual-SIM phone.

The Liquid Jade Z has better hardware than the Z410, including bumping the display up to 5 inches. It also has better cameras, audio, and a bigger battery. The Jade Z only comes with 1GB/8GB of RAM/ storage, but like the other phone this can be doubled for just $20.

Helping Acer keep the costs of the two phones low, both run the old KitKat version of Android.

The Liquid Z410 will be available in the US in September, while the Jade Z is available now.

Author: James Kendrick
Source: ZDNet