All Aboard the iTrain – Soon Passengers in Boston Can Buy Tickets with their Smartphones

By the end of this year, commuters in Boston will no longer have to worry about losing their train ticket or forgetting it at home, because the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has recently partnered with Masabi US Ltd. (a trailblazer in transit mobile ticketing technology) to create handheld gadgets that will handle all ticketing transactions. The new software will allow passengers to buy tickets via their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry apps. The iTickets will have barcodes on them which train conductors will scan with their own hand-held devices in order to validate them.

The movie is an exciting one for both travelers and the MBTA, as it promises to lower costs, speed up the check-in process and take away the need for building additional ticket kisoks in train stations. As of yet, less than half of Boson’s 140 commuter depots have ticket kiosks – which means many customers in-a-rush and in fear of missing a train get stuck paying for more expensive tickets once already on board the bus or subway. But with the new technology, monthly ticket purchasers will be able to easily link up a “CharlieCard” to their ticket with which they can “tap in” with, instead of using paper tickets.

To get ready for the change, Masabi will deliver all transit conductors training in mTicketing solutions – including consumer-facing applications, payment integration, scanning/validation instruction, and more. On a side note, all ticket transactions will be secure, as they will be equipped with the award-winning encryptMe security system, authenticated by United States Government standards.

The new technology will be given a test-run early this summer when a pilot pack of passengers and conductors will be selected to try out the revolutionary ticketing system. If the project chugs along seamlessly, you can expect to see the real thing launched this summer by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Whether you live in Massachusetts or not, chances are a pioneering ticketing system such as the aforementioned will head your way soon. Get your gadgets ready: you can find a Blackberry, iPhone or Droid warranty at the great warranty depot, CPS.