Amazon’s Smartphone Design Leaks – Looking a Bit Like Iphone and Galaxy S

Amazon’s smartphone is looking more and more like an imminent reality, and now BGR is bringing what it says is the first look at the actual design of the hardware to the table. The phone appeared in an actual photo in a previous BGR article, but now a render shows what it looks like under its protective housing, and the results are – really not at all that surprising.

The picture depicts a black device with glass front and back covers, and a matte edge which could be either plastic or metal. The front face closely resembles a Galaxy S-range device in many regards, with a chamfered edge that calls to mind the iPhone 5 and later. Overall, the look is pretty much two parts iPhone (4 and 5) and one part Galaxy, and basically all around not terribly original.

BGR’s sources say that the device is designed to be comfortable to use with one hand despite its large size (it houses a 4.7-inch screen). The phone also has to house six separate cameras, and it looks like it might be a bit thicker through the middle than most devices as a result based on this render.

So far, we’ve heard that the new smartphone will arrive in a litlte over a month’s time, with the 720p 4.7-inch display, 2GB of RAM, a custom Android-based OS and 3D gesture effects. It might also come with its own data plan called Prime Data, according to BGR’s sources. This top-end model will also be followed up with a lower cost device with fewer fancy camera and 3D bells and whistles, reports claim.

Author: Darrell Etherington

Source: TechCrunch