Apple Boosts its Marketing Strategy After Feeling the Heat

Who hasn’t heard of an iPhone? In the past decade Apple products have been the leaders in innovation especially when it comes to producing the latest and greatest in smart phones. Almost everywhere you go you are bound to see someone sporting an iPod, iPad, or iPhone while simultaneously rocking out to their favorite music complete with a set of Apple’s signature white ear buds. From the looks of things it would appear that Apple is doing pretty well, however, looks can be deceiving.

With the race to produce the best technology among tech companies in full swing, Apple is finding itself in a pretty tight spot while trying to outweigh its competition, regardless of the flourishing success the company has been enjoying in recent years. As the tournament is heating up amongst the top tech companies in the market Apple is taking the power of advertisement into their own hands in hopes of gaining the attention and favor of consumers.

Public Relations under CEO Tim Cook

Since the beginning of 2013 Apple’s Public relations team has adopted a forthcoming approach when it comes to getting their news out there in comparison to recent years. In January a press release was issued regarding the implementation of IOS 6.1, a minor upgrade to their mobile system, which is relatively small news in the Apple world. Why the noise over this seemingly small piece of information? According to the Wall Street Journal it seems that Apple is finally feeling the heat of its competitors.

Rather than sitting out and embracing the usual “less is more” attitude when it comes to updates regarding their latest products, the Apple team is projecting outward, looking to keep the masses interested in their new and improved technology. This strategy can only work to the benefit of the company which is fighting its way through one of the most competitive tech markets out there.

Will “Jobs” help keep buyers interested?

Jobs Movie Apple PR
Will “Jobs” help Apple stay above its gaining competition?

With the release of the new movie “Jobs” starring Hollywood favorite Ashton Kutcher, the attention on Apple is at a highpoint, but will the film bring positive exposure? That is certainly the hope of most supporters who look forward to viewing the legacy of deceased co-founder Steve Jobs. For one thing it is definitely a point of interest that no other tech company has to offer right now.

“Jobs” is a way for Apple to remind consumers that there is a human side to their industry and the products they offer. The story of Jobs’ life is one that will inspire while fully embracing the ideals of the “American Dream” which incorporates the possibilities of creating, fulfilling and producing success with the birth of an idea.

PR firm, FireCrackerPR (, says the “Jobs” film will offer Apple a “leg-up” over competitors who as of yet have no way of coming out from behind the impenetrable façade of CEO and big business which produces a huge divide between these companies and their consumer base. Only time will tell the effects of the film and Apple’s new outreach in Public Relations will send the financial scales higher on the charts and bring in more business for the multi-billion dollar company.