Apple iWatch – Rumors About Apple’s Supposed Smartwatch

The rising popularity of wearable tech has led to several rumors speculating that Apple will soon launch its own smartwatch. Presumably called the iWatch, the device will be one of many smartwatches launched by other mobile tech companies, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony’s Smartwatch 2, and even ZTE’s BlueWatch.

The story thus far

In general, talk about the Apple iWatch has been all over the map. However, we’ve seen some of the same hunches pop up again and again. For instance, the iWatch moniker has been steadily used as the potential product name, and Apple has been trademarking the label in several countries. (Of course, that could just mean that company is protecting itself in case someone else wants to use that product name.)

In addition, though we’ve heard much speculation on the watch’s screen size, none of them have ever exceeded 1.5 inches diagonally. LG has also been mentioned several times as the manufacturer likely to build the display.

When will we see it?

Unlike speculations of flagship phones, the Apple iWatch doesn’t have a predecessor we can deduce a time frame from. It’s important to keep in mind that we may never see an iWatch at all, and that Apple may have no interest in developing a smartwatch. That being said, if it were to officially announce such a device, we could hear about it during the company’s annual World Wide Developers Conference in June, or perhaps during the next iPhone unveiling, which may happen in either September or October.

Author: Lynn La
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