Apple Watch hack puts a tiny browser on your wrist

Still trying to find a use for your Apple Watch? Noted jailbreaker Comex has an idea: browse the internet an inch-and-a-half at a time. In a short video, he shows off the Google search bar, which, due to the display’s minuscule size, only fits on-screen a portion at a time. From there you can see iOS’ “copy/define” dialog boxes and that’s about it, really. Appologies if you were expecting something a bit crazier, but possible jailbreaks apparently aren’t all that exciting in the embryonic stages. Watch doesn’t have a native browser, of course, and 9to5Mac notes that Comex hasn’t mentioned anything about releasing the hack to the public either, so if or when you’ll get to try it out for yourself is anyone’s guess at this point.


Author: Engadget