Apple Watch

It’s not called the iWatch as we expected, but Apple did unveil its first wearable, the Apple Watch. Cook saved this bit of news for last and borrowed the late Steve Jobs‘ signature “One More Thing” catchphrase for the reveal.

The Apple Watch must be used in conjunction with an iPhone and will be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S in addition to the 6 and 6 Plus. It features a Retina display (protected by sapphire crystal in some models) and is filled with sensors that can track everything from your heart rate to daily activities and exercise. The display is a touchscreen, but the watch also comes equipped with a special “digital crown” that can be used for navigating around apps and also functions as a home button for the watch’s interface.

Apple’s Kevin Lynch also revealed that third-party developers are already hard at work creating customized apps for the device with Apple’s new WatchKit platform. WatchKit allows developers to create custom notifications and home screen apps for the wearable, and Lynch demoed apps from early developers like American Airlines, Pinterest and BMW.

Apple Watch will come in two different sizes and three different collections — the Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition, each of which uses a different finish. Watch comes in a stainless steel finish, Watch Sport is made of “lightweight anodized aluminum” and Watch Edition is 18-karat gold.

Each watch can be further customized with a number of interchangeable bands, including a special sport band for exercising. Apple Watch is expected to go on sale in early 2015 and will begin at $349.


Source: Mashable