Appliance Extended Warranty Protection Plan

Appliance Protection Warranty
You did it! You’re at the point in your life where purchasing a major appliance for your home or apartment is a reality. Maybe you’re first-time homeowners, maybe you’re looking to remodel, or maybe that oven that’s been a fixture in your house for fifteen years needs replacing. Whatever the reason, CPS has coverage options for most major appliances.
Our standard plans are designed specifically for consumer use. These extended warranties have options for coverage between one and five years. This contract kicks in after the first year of the manufacturer’s warranty is over for our extended contract, and the date of purchase for our DOP contract, with coverage beginning for both after the first year of the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

These contracts cover hardware failure, so any time any of the electronics in your oven or fridge stop functioning, you can call us and we’ll get it figured out for you. Once you file a claim, we will send an authorized repair center directly to your home to complete repairs on the unit. Keep in mind that this plan does not cover any kind of damage, the labor for removal or reinstallation, unstacking units, and regular maintenance issues.
But maybe you’re not buying for home. Maybe you’re opening a small business, and you just purchased an office space for the first time. Employees like having refrigerators so you, being the savvy small business owner you are, are looking for a fridge with an extended warranty. If so our commercial plan may be for you. Our commercial plan covers any kind of commercial use of your major appliance, with the contract starting the date you purchase your appliance, and coverage beginning as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is over.
Just like our standard plan, our commercial plan covers any hardware failure your appliance might have. Should any hardware fail, we make it easy to file a claim and dispatch an authorized repair center to your location to complete repairs. Our commercial plan does not cover any kind of damage, the logistics of removal or reinstallation, the unstacking of units or any typical maintenance issues. So, go ahead and talk to your appliance dealership about whether or not they offer CPS extended warranties. If they do, feel free to purchase one, and kick your feet up and relax, knowing your investment is covered.