ASUS Introduces to the ‘World’s Largest’ Curved LED Monitor

ASUS announced a slew of high-profile devices at its press conference yesterday, but the company’s booth at Computex still turned up a few gems today. Among them: a prototype of a 32-inch curved LED monitor, which ASUS says is the largest of its kind.

At least in its current incarnation, the monitor’s curve is very slight — the company’s experimenting with the ideal amount of bend in the display, and a rep said the subtle curve currently in place helps avoid any image warping. The 2,560 x 1,440 (WQHD) panel itself looks pretty crisp, though because of the display’s large size, you can clearly make out individual pixels. ASUS chose VA (vertical alignment) technology for the screen, which combines the best features of TN and IPS panels to offer wide viewing angles and accurate colors. Thanks to the combination of display tech, the slight curve and a glare-deflecting matte finish, the LED monitor can comfortably accommodate a family of four watching a movie. Entertainment is clearly the main focus here, and a DisplayPort connection is on board for grabbing content from your laptop.

As a prototype, the 32-inch curved monitor doesn’t have a set price tag or a launch date at this point. ASUS did say that it will cost more than its $800 models, but less than its 4K monitors, which is admittedly a pretty big range. For now, though, you can check out a few photos in our hands-on gallery above.


Author: Sarah Silbert
Source: Engadget