BigCommerce merchants, this is why you should be selling accidental warranties with every purchase

BigCommerce merchants, CPS offers an easy-to-install extended warranty product for your customers! You can be selling accidental warranties within 24 hours, without spending a dollar on development when you install the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell for BigCommerce. Here’s why you should get started today…

What are accidental warranties

As portable consumer electronics become more and more essential to our everyday lives, we are relying on them for more than just convenience. In many cases, we are counting on these devices for communication and safety – in some cases for our very livelihoods. Accidental coverage warranties allow BigCommerce merchants to offer extra peace of mind when selling portable consumer electronics. Protect your products while retaining a competitive advantage against other companies: With today’s B2C shoppers constantly searching for companies that can give them the guarantee that their purchases will be protected, many retailers opt to use reputable third-party warranty providers to include insurance or extended protection plans with any order.

Why sell them

Most consumers are on a budget these days and don’t want to spend $600+ on a new phone if they accidentally drop it in water or break it while they’re snowboarding. Providing an accidental coverage warranty is a way to show customers that you care about their purchases and will be there if something happens. According to Consumer Priority Service (CPS), 50% of all electronic repairs that occur within 90 days of purchase are not covered by manufacturers’ warranties. In fact, CPS found that 61% of all failures occur within 1 year of ownership; another 25% occur between years one and two. Protecting your customers from expensive repairs allows them to use their devices as long as possible.

How you profit

Bigcommerce merchants can make 100% profit, or more, on the sale of accidental warranties. It’s 100% profit because you don’t have to give us any percentage of what you sell them for, like some other companies do. Also, CPS does not dictate the MRSP of the warranty cost! You get to decide what to sell them at for your customers, and how much you profit. You can even offer it for free!

What makes CPS different

Unlike warranty programs offered by traditional retailers, CPS keeps customers protected if they experience a malfunction after purchasing. Their team of skilled engineers and technicians can determine what went wrong, provide a repair or replacement part, and then return it to your customer. Once your BigCommerce store sells an accidental warranty from CPS, there’s nothing more for you to do. The company takes care of everything so that you can focus on growing your business. That’s how easy it is to get started and make thousands in additional revenue each month!

How easy is it to set this up?

CPS Extended Warranty Upsell is a one-click install app that takes less than 10 minutes to install and configure. Our BigCommerce integration comes complete with everything your customers need to buy an accidental warranty, including: customization tools for your product’s page warranty offering, automatic notification of product updates from CPS (via email or webhooks), order and customer status tracking in CPS (meaning your customer will see their order and account status in one place), localized currency support, and more. All of these features are already included within our app – all you have to do is install it on your BigCommerce store. Best of all? It’s free!

How do I get started?

If you’re reading this, I imagine there are a few things on your mind:
*Can I afford to offer extended warranties?
*How do I know if they’ll make my customers happy?
*What steps do I need to take to sell these things?

You might be surprised by how easy it is—all that stands between you and accidental warranties being offered on your website’s product pages are a few clicks. And yes, starting to sell these things today means that tomorrow is going to be easier than today. The CPS Extended Warranty Upsell makes it possible for BigCommerce merchants to use their existing CPS account. It’s simple and cost-effective!

We’ve made it easier than ever for BigCommerce merchants to start selling accidental warranties. Simply install the app today, or visit this link to set up a quick call with a CPS Sales Agent to review the program. We look forward to speaking with you!