Buy Once and Play Where You Want

For many years Microsoft had no interest in PC gaming, but it seems the corporate giant might be ready to climb in the ring and fight for the ever increasing revenues that gamers bring to the table. The word at Microsoft is they are developing plans to give gamers the ability to play a game on your Xbox, and then allowing them to turn on their PC and pick up the game exactly where they left off.

Playing the Same Game on Different Platforms

This is especially good news for players who enjoy medieval strategy games. These particular games require the user to be playing for many hours if not days on end, and the ability to move from one platform to another would be a huge benefit to those playing.

The user would no longer be required to purchase the game again to play it on the other platform. In addition being able to play the game at the exact level you left off at is a big benefit many gamers will be grateful for.

Can Microsoft Actually Deliver a Cross Platform Technology

xbox 1
Buy once, play anywhere? Can Microsoft pull it off?

With new management at the higher levels at Microsoft, the developers needed to do this type of project are in position to move ahead. These developers have begun the switch to the x86 architecture which will be a vital part of the next gaming systems for both Sony and aMicrosoft.

Coincidentally this is the same technology found on just about every laptop and desktop computer. With both sharing the same code, it doesn’t seem to out of the possibility that this new platform will be available very soon.

Will Microsoft Want To Play Ball Finally?

Microsoft has put a ton of work into making sure the Xbox Live system is secure and stable, and many people believe that because the pieces of the puzzle are already in place that this is a sure sign the company is ready to make the big move. Providing programming tools to their developers, like API’s, would not require any additional effort since these are the tools currently being utilized in the Live system.

Will Consumers Embrace Buy Once, Play Everywhere Technology?

The fact that the developers at Microsoft can produce the technology needed to make the jump from Xbox to PC, deal with multiplayer issues, and provide a stable platform will not matter much if the buying public does not show a substantial demand for the technology. A recent poll conducted by Microsoft showed 41% of gamers would enjoy the new platform, 36% were not interested and 19% would enjoy it if it didn’t involve additional costs.

Only 4% thought paying additional charges was not an issue. So is this enough of a clear signal the public is ready to buy? Microsoft believes that once the word begins to spread about this technology, the gamers who have supported the Xbox for years will come running to take advantage of the new system.