Camera Extended Warranty Protection Plan

Camera Extended Warranty Protection Plan
Hey. Nice camera. And that lens? I bet you can take high definition photos of nearly anything with that thing. But cameras break. You can be taking photos one minute and taking your camera apart to figure out what’s wrong the next. Lucky for you, CPS has you covered.

We’ve got the perfect camera protection plan for you.

Our standard extended warranty covers the camera for 3 to 5 years after the first year of your manufacturer’s warranty is over. Our warranty only covers the camera’s body, but we do offer contracts for any lens you may purchase as well. If you purchased a refurbished camera with a 30 to 90-day warranty, our contract will start the date you purchase the camera, with coverage starting as soon as the warranty is over.

Our warranty covers any and all hardware failure that may befall your camera. Any internal machinery that stops ticking, we’ll get fixed for you. Our standard plan does not cover damage of any kind. But what if you want to bring your photos to the next level. You’re taking photos of erupting volcanoes, and high-intensity sports, and you’re afraid you may drop your camera. Count on us to help you through with one of our accidental coverage warranties. Our accidental plans include coverage for accidental damage and water damage. For our accidental plan, the contract starts the day you purchase your camera, with coverage starting on day 31. Neither of these plans covers drops over 6 feet, intentional damage, full water submersion, or lost or stolen cameras.

So for your next camera, check with your supplier to see if they offer a CPS extended warranty. If they do, purchase one and get back out into the world to take the pictures that need to be taken, knowing that your camera is covered.