Casio G-zOne Commando: Rugged yet Reliable


Every smartphone user dreams of a phone that is tough yet stylish, that offers a great 3G experience while still being sturdy enough to stand the occasional bump. Enter Casio G’zOne Commando, an Android device that is hardy enough to bring impressive resistance to physical drops and water spills.

What’s Great

The G’zOne is built to withstand a lot of environmental pressure including rain and immersion, as also a good shock-absorption system to help stand accidental drops. The handset is not just strong but boasts a ruggedness that is unmistakable among competing Android models. As a brand Casio is well-recognized for its range of tough-looking gadgetry, particularly the G’zOne range which offers the much-needed competition to similar models such as the Motorola Defy.

Unlike times bygone when one was stuck with brick-like handsets that left much to be desired by way of features, the G’zOne Commando is a virtually invincible device that is still as tech-heavy and aesthetically designed as they come. The Casio’s G’zGear range of apps are particularly unique given that they are geared towards those who enjoy an active lifestyle and the outdoors. Running on Android 2.2. (Froyo), the Commando offers reliable mobile hot-spot connectivity and 3G features including Wi-Fi, GPS and sustainable encryption capabilities. The Trace keyboard offers the same convenience that Swype does, although word-prediction is not totally reliable. With the same range of

Not So Great

To begin with, the image quality from the 5-megapixel camera is pretty mediocre. As far as app selection goes the range is pretty decent, but some default Android apps are not available, including Google Maps, although free downloads can usually fix that. For those used to Gmail apps that group e-mail messages, the G’zOne comes with its own proprietary e-mail application that seamlessly syncs Gmail accounts, which does seem rather primitive for an Android model.


Resilient yet feature-rich, the Casio G’zOne Commando would be a great pick for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a resilient model while still sticking to the Verizon Network.

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