Casio Tryx: A Camera in Disguise

Point-and-shoot cameras are a virtual must-have, and people prefer owning models that are easy to master and easier to tote around. The latest release from Casio, the Tryx is one of the more innovative models from the brand, and this shape-shifting super-sleek device is all set to inspire its competitors to push the limits when it comes to compact cameras.


At first glance, the Casio Tryx does look a lot like a smartphone with a 3-inch touchscreen and a lens much like what you would find on your mobile. But the similarity ends there. Get down to fiddling with the camera, and you have a display that swivels and can rotate a complete 360 degree roundabout, while the touchscreen pivots up to 270 degrees.

The edges of the camera hold in place the rotating frame that can combine as a kickstand to support the camera when shooting hands free. The orientation sensor is another great plus that allows both the right-handed and the left-handed to shoot hassle free.

The Good

Casio Tryx Camera
Casio Tryx Camera Incognito

The Tryx packs a high-res 12-megapixel lens that runs on a back-illuminated CMOS sensor which assures enhanced image quality even under poor lighting. The scene models are a great options particularly for users unfamiliar with image composition and customization options, and help create reliable high-dynamic range shots.

Touch-to-focus controls allow the users quick access to change settings and click images without having to fine-tune constantly while shooting. The 2x zooming capabilities offer rich imagery and the advanced video shooting features allow users to store footage in multiple formats.

The Bad

Some users report that the battery recharges are unreliable, and with a sealed encasing you have no access to the battery itself. While the battery can theoretically support some 220 shots, not always can this number be possible if you take into account HD shots or video captures.


With a unique design, flexible shooting interface and improved sharing options, the Tryx is certainly a camera that comes with many a trick under its sleeve!

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