Compact Battery Modulo by Idapt Can Juice Up Your Phone

When your smartphone runs out of power and you cannot charge your phone a new portable charging system Modulo by Idapt could be a great solution. Modulo portable battery is a credit card-sized gadget that claims to power any USB device, wherever you go. With Modulo you can any device or even charge multiple devices.

Modulo can charge your smartphone as fast as your original charger. If you stack up several Modulos you can charge multiple devices or share power with your friends.

The Modulos themselves can be charged from any wall socket, while connected to a computer or with a wireless receiver. Idapt also hopes it will be able to offer a solar-charging panel and crank add-on that creates its own energy.

You can also buy different accessories for your Modulo such as Crank Modulo, Built in Dual Cable, Wireless Charging Modulo.


Source: KickStarter