Consumer Priority Service BBB Kit Review

For system builders who need complete control over their computer creations, a bare bones kit is the way to go. PC architects can sift through a smorgasbord of components, and pick and choose their way to an entirely customized computer. Whether your pleasure be super gaming, business related use, or casual home computing, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to crafting your personal system.

Not every bare bones kit provides the same degree of flexibility, however. When searching for an ideal kit, you’ll want to make sure you have access to all of the elements necessary to your desired design – including memory, a sufficient hard drive, networking capabilities, hardware such as the right monitor, keyboard and mouse – and any other ingredient needed to develop your dream machine.

The Bare Bones Board (BBB) is Arduino-compatible and utilizes powerhouse performance on a smaller printed circuit board via transferring the USB communications chip to a separate board. You’ll also find that this BBB fits all Arduino project software and IDE and has been touted as a highly “recommended third-party hardware” by Arduino itself – primarily because it delivers so many options for customization at unusually low prices.

Despite its name, there’s nothing “bare bones” about this kit. In fact, its teeming with specs that you probably will not be able to find with any other start-from-scratch kit. Here are just a few of the handy features you’ll find with the BBB:

– fashioned with all through-hole components for easy assembly (even for those who have never before attempted to build their own PC from the ground, up)
– header pins that fit perfectly into the solderless breadboards, omitting the frustration that comes with tinkering with a tangled mess of wires
– an inductor for high-frequency noise filtering

Plus, this kit is scripted in “C” language – perfect for the novice computer-builder – and even delivers assistance for more advanced programming capabilities. For instance, if you find yourself creating a monster machine that requires even more sophisticated capabilities, there’s room to grow – the kit’s functions can be effortlessly ported to the Wiring Board that is founded on the Atmega128 chip, or the Sanguino, built on the Atmega644.

For your final masterpiece, or the components needed to create it, check out CPS for extended warranties.