Consumer Priority Service Wins Stevie® Award in Use of Technology in Customer Service

Consumer Priority Service wins a Bronze Stevie® Award for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service for our eBay Dashboard!

The 8th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service Banquet was held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, February 21 2014.

CPS’s eBay Dashboard wins Stevie Award for Innovating the Warranty Industry

For the past 10 years, Consumer Priority Service has employed a technology department which designs and writes innovative software which controls all aspects of its business. One of the most unique pieces of software currently offered to dealers this year is called the “Ebay Dashboard” which offers dealers with eBay accounts a unique one click solution to adding warranties to their current auctions. Using the Ebay dashboard, dealers fully control the offering price of warranties. As opposed to earning a commission on sales, dealers now sell the warranty for a fixed price they choose and earn the difference in cost between their wholesale cost and the end users sale price.

Dealers additionally may choose and customize any marketing plan they wish to employ. That is, dealers have full control over the messages their customers will see and when they will see them. For example, if a dealer wants their customer to receive a message directly after an auction ends, they simply create the content of the message and a subject and select the time after the auction ends to send it and poof! The CPS Ebay Dashboard makes it happen. This unique and innovative piece of software puts dealers right back in the driver’s seat where they belong.

Our eBay Dashboard is available to all current dealers.  Interested in signing up? click here