CPS + NATM 2022 Vendor Conference = SUCCESS!!

CPS came, saw, and conquered the NATM Back to Basics Vendor Conference in Texas! 

Last week Consumer Priority Service’s own Nelson Muniz, Executive Sales Manager, and Victor Broder, CPS Sales, had the pleasure of attending the NATM 2022 Vendor conference… and it was a complete success! We were very excited to see the NATM team and member stores at the conference.

While discussing today’s most crucial questions about extended warranty coverage for high-ticket consumer goods, CPS lent our expertise gathered from over two decades of innovating world-class warranty solutions. In fact, CPS has helped countless businesses provide an unrivaled customer experience built on a foundation of trust by offering insurance-backed warranties and solutions that make attaching a warranty to any purchase simple.

“The ‘Back to Basics’ Vendor Conference was a fun and exciting event that allowed CPS to share our new and innovative warranty solutions with our friends and colleagues at NATM. Thanks again NATM…looking forward to the next one!” 

– Victor Broder- CPS Sales

Consumer Priority Service had a great time in Texas with NATM, and we are already waiting for next year’s conference. Hope to see you all there again! 

Did you know…

CPS offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all high-ticket consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and more. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best rating of “A-” (Excellent) insurance carrier.

Giving the consumer the best service plan experience is our only objective. This entails total, trouble-free online control, from updating the details of your service plan to scheduling and monitoring the progress of service calls or claims. This also means providing you with useful information and tools, such as online versions of the user manual for your device(s) (as made available by the manufacturer), advice on routine maintenance, notices of product recalls, and much more.


What we offer

Our company was built on the foundation that customers always deserve better service. By following through and providing a “best-in-class” service, Consumer Priority Service is quickly becoming the first choice among retailers, e-commerce, and manufacturers alike. We provide Extended, In-home Extended, Date of Purchase, Accidental Damage, and OEM Parts and Labor Service Plans. We cover products that are new, scratched and dented, or refurbished.


Generate revenue for your companies with CPS!

Did you know that CPS has many programs that will help you generate revenue? 

CPS is the nation’s #1 trusted insurance-backed warranty provider for residential solar energy systems. If you sell solar, protect your customers’ investment with CPS. 

We also offer warranties for Open Box, Scratch & Dent, Store Returns, and Used Appliances. Find out more here https://youtu.be/xnIdEII1Iqc . 

Another program we would like to mention is the CPS Extended Warranty Upsell App for BigCommerce. If you own a BigCommerce store that sells electronic items, appliances, or gadgets, it is crucial to increase your store’s credibility by offering warranties on your products. and CPS can help you do that. 

These are just a few of the MANY programs and services we offer to direct consumers or dealers. CPS allows you to provide a truly valuable accessory to your customers that generate sales and deeper trust in your business. 

Choose CPS

Didn’t get a chance to speak with CPS at the conference? Schedule some time to speak with a CPS representative via this link – https://meetings.hubspot.com/trubin/natm-email 

We look forward to working with you!