CPS Warranty: Staples Helps Boosts Windows 8-Equipped Machines

Staples is the world’s largest supplier of office products, and the second largest office supply online retailer. Since 1986, the popular supply go-to provides products, services and expertise for both the professional and personal arenas including computer hardware and software, writing utensils, school supplies, office furniture and more.

What the Program Means

It is no wonder that the company wants to push its limits by making computer-purchasing easier than ever with its ‘8 Was Easy’ launch program. The program, which actually started last month, allowed customers to pre-order computers, laptops and other devices outfitted with Microsoft Windows 8 at both Staples physical storefronts and its internet location – and receive free personalized training for the new system along with the purchase.

The new program was commented on by Staples executive vice president of merchandising:

“We also introduced new store layouts to highlight the latest products and allow customers to try out the newest technology. With our extensive selection and more than 4,000 certified Microsoft Advisors in our stores, Staples makes it easier for customers to upgrade to the latest tech without concerns.”

Along with free one-on-one training, support and also free startup (with the purchase of a Windows 8 computer), consumers who choose to buy a PC $699 or above with also benefit from free data transfer from their old machine.

What the Program Offers

The customized training offered by Staples is no hullabaloo, either. The workshops will be provided by more than 4,000 Staples associates who are actually certified Staples Advisors who have been trained by the Microsoft Corporation. What does this mean? That your trainers are actually equipped with extensive product as well as new operating system experience and know-how to assist customers in obtaining exclusive, customized one-on-one help for the particular glitches they may experience when testing out their new products and systems when it comes to Windows 8. Even though the new Windows 8-loaded computers feature touch screens, larger live tiles and easier-to-obtain apps making the overall system more user-friendly, additional training is never going overboard – even for users who think they already know it all.

Some Computers to Buy to Take Advantage of the Campaign

If you are interested in running to Staples now to pick up the latest Windows 8 –equipped PCs, you may want to take a look at the flowing machines:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Twist: $899.00
  • HP Envy 4 Ultrabook: $799.00
  • Sony T13 Touch Ultrabook: $849.00
  • Asus VivoTab RT Tablet: $599.00 (available exclusively on Staples.com)
  • Samsung ATIT Windows 8 Tablet: $649.00

Of course, you can also head to Staples.com for a complete list of the best Windows 8 machines that the company is currently available with the aforementioned perks.

Senior Vice President of Marketing at Staples also commented on the “8 Was Easy” campaign:

“Only Staples can make buying technology easy with our [new] program and the more than 4,000 Certified Advisors in our stores. People rely on their computers to store critical data and priceless memories, like photos. Our new ad campaign showcases how much easier Staples can make upgrading to a new Windows 8-based PC with our new [campaign], which includes free training, data transfer and phone support.”

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