CPS Warranty: Target Helping Out after Hurricane Sandy

Target has been in the news lately – and for all good reasons. First, the company has worked hard to assist in recovery efforts for thos affected by Hurricane Sandy; and second, it has steadily prepared for making this holiday more joyful – and interactive than ever.

Target Helps Clean-Up after the Hurricane

Target was first in line to offer support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Last week, the giant retailer donated money and products equaling $500,000 towards relief efforts. The donation included cash and other items (including got cards) to non-profits like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

In regards to the safety of its own stores and employees, the company to impressive measures, too. While many of its locations remain closed, most of them have reopened – but the company remains in the process of assessing the effect that the hurricane had on its stores and employees and taking proper measures to rebuild and repair as necessary. Even a week after the storm, Target is still monitoring road conditions and working alongside its distribution centers to restock their stores – particularly with items that are essential to the clean-up and recovery of communities impacted by the disaster.

Says President and CEO of Target, Gregg Steinhafel:

“When disaster strikes, Target listens and acts quickly to donate time, money, and essentials to help support the needs of our communities. Our thoughts are with all of the residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy and we hope our donation will aid in the East Coast’s recovery.”

Switching Gears – Target Aims to Create More Fun for Holiday Shoppers with New Gift Cards

On a brighter note, Target is preparing extra cheer for its customers this year with first-time-ever gift cards that make it easier and more fun for shoppers to purchase (and give) them. Target has dubbed the new line of cards as “WOW! Holiday Gift Cards”, and they will include new designs and digital options.

Considering the fact that, according to the latest research, about 49% of consumers will purchase gift cards for those on their holiday lists this year, Target is definitely making the right move by spicing up options for these consumers.
The new WOW! Gift Cards will include lights, sound and motion – and be offered in four new awesome designs featuring Target’s patented technology.

The new cards will include:

  • Draw N’ Go: This interactive card will come with a special marker a Bullseye dog car. Shoppers will be able to use the marker to draw on a piece of paper, and the dog car will follow whatever has been drawn.
  • Joy Snowman: This card will play the popular holiday jingle, “Joy to the World”.
  • Christmas Sweater Bear: This card will display a cute bear that wears a sweater donning lights that actually light up.
  • Antler Scrambler Maze: Another interactive card, this one is made in the shape of a reindeer with a maze on its antlers – and it is accompanied by a stylus that recipients can use to navigate their way through the maze.

Besides these interactive cards, Target has also designed 15 other new designs for its traditional line, including multicultural options.
Aside from the interactive dimension, the new WOW! cards will also allow Target guests the opportunity to send digital gift cards by simply scanning the QR code on the card display at the store. Mobile gift cards will be available, too, allowing customers to send gift cards via their phone or email either through Target.com or a Target app.

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