Easily Quit Smoking with Livestrong MyQuit Coach App

For less than the cost of cigarettes you can easily quit smoking with the Livestrong MyQuit Coach application for iPhone. It is only .99 cents but it works like a million dollars. You can create a custom-made plan which will help you quit smoking. This app is approved by physicians, easy to use and very interactive. You will assess your current smoking habits and then set realistic goals. You can adjust the app’s preferences based on your own personal needs.

Attainable & Possible

Finally, quitting smoking is an attainable goal because with this app you can choose to stop smoking “cold turkey” or slowly cut back on your nicotine intake. You simply track the time you have smoked and when you are craving nicotine. The app gives you tailored inspirational photos, tips to motivate you and charts that show your progress.

All this will help you quit smoking and make sure you stay on track. There are even achievement badges to reward you as you progress to your goals. A built-in social support system will let you know you are not alone in your struggles. Update to Facebook and Twitter, through the app, to share your struggles and accomplishments.

Check out these cool features:

  • Quitting plan personalized to fit your goals
  • You can upload personalized motivations
  • Track cigarettes smoked
  • Set a budget for cigarettes
  • Earn awards and badges
  • Create a chart of usage history
  • Get support from friends and family via Twitter and Facebook

Several doctors, all experts in smoking cessation, have reviewed the Livestrong MyQuit Coach and they all agree that this is a very beneficial app if you are really ready to quit. It will inspire and empower you to achieve your goals each and every day. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to quit smoking “cold turkey”; you can choose to slowly cut back if that is easier for you.

Use Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

The app mentioned above is a great way to quit smoking but another very helpful way to quit is with electronic cigarettes. Also known as e-cigarettes, they are much better for you than traditional cigarettes. This is because there is no smoke involved, only vapors. They look just like regular cigarettes but they use liquid nicotine.

electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes are another alternative to reduce your smoking.

The nicotine is heated and turns into a vapor as you inhale. They are reusable and cost much less than cigarettes and are far safer. They can help you quit smoking because you decide how much liquid nicotine to put in the electronic cigarette.

Since you can customize your e-cigarette you may want to look at the best electronic cigarette brands that are on the market right now if you’re shifting from regular cigarettes to electronic.

Many people have successfully quit smoking this way by slowly adding less and less nicotine. This way your body does not go through withdrawals and loss of comfort from quitting the smoking process itself. Keep smoking without the unhealthy side effects and smoke that bothers your friends and family.

You can still use the Livestrong MyQuit Coach with an electronic cigarette by keeping track of how many times you use the e-cigarette each day. Slowly cutting back in this way is a much easier alternative to quitting “cold turkey.”