Consumer Priority Service Reviews the Easy Shot HD Digital Video Camera

Concord Keystone has released the new Easy Shot HD Digital Video Camera. Perfect for slolaming, sledding or snow-tubing through a winter wonderland, this compact camera is waterproof and has an accompanying waterproof storage unit as well. It features handy mounts and brackets just the right size for snapping onto helmets and goggles or even snowboards for capturing the user’s every snowy zig and zag.
When summer comes, there’s no need to store this nifty gadget with your winter clothes, because it transforms into an underwater camera for taking shots as deep as 100 feet into the ocean. So it’s great for catching memories during summertime play, too – like boating, biking, camping, hiking and other warm weather activities.
The best part of the Easy Shot HD Digital Video Camera may be its user-friendliness – photographers and videographers need only press a single button to capture special moments. The one-button operation is used for both powering on and stopping the camera.
The functioning camera includes a built-in Lithium-polymer battery and optical UV filter for superior recording. It is a miniature tech-wonder weighing only 0.65 ounces and measuring only 2.25” x 0.71” – making it slighter than a small tube of sunscreen. The camera also features a SD card of 4GB, enabling you to record almost two hour’s worth of high quality video with sound, VGA at 30 fps.
Whether you are scuba diving throughout the magnificent Great Barrier Reef or headed straight for the toughest mogul on the majestic Sierra mountains, the Easy Shot Video Camera is a must-have for freezing your most treasured moments in time, and savoring those memories forever.
To ensure your adventures are the most fun they can be, don’t forget to secure your Easy Shot Camera with an extended warranty from CPS.