Everything You Need to Know About a Warranty on iPhones

Everything You Need to Know About a Warranty on iPhones

Every iPhone comes with a warranty but you have the option to extend it. Here’s everything you need to know about a warranty on iPhones.

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How careful are you with your iPhone? Apple products cost a pretty penny and they’re often well worth the price, after all.

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with your devices, accidents can happen. It could get lost, stolen, or crushed by gym equipment. If you’re a gym rat, it wouldn’t be so bad to get a fitness equipment protection plan.

The great thing about Apple is they offer a few warranty plans of their own.

But how much does a warranty on iPhones cost? What kind of coverage do you get?

Knowing what your warranties cover might make the difference between paying for your repairs and getting one for free. Are you ready to find out about them? Read on to learn more:

1. Are There Warranties on iPhones?

Yes, there are warranties on iPhones. Ever heard of AppleCare or AppleCare Plus? AppleCare is Apple term for its warranty programs and, believe it or not, one of these is free.

All Apple hardware products include a standard limited-time warranty. The products also have a chat or phone support service. This support service comes for free for a limited amount of time.

If you want to get extended protection, Apple has the AppleCare Plus warranty plan. It doesn’t come for free though. The prices for AppleCare Plus depend on the device model.

There are more warranty services if your iPhone is not eligible for AppleCare or AppleCare Plus anymore. These are the Battery Replacement service and the Out-of-Warranty Service. Options for these services depend on your wireless carrier.

2. Which iPhone Models Still Get Warranties

The years 2014 to 2016 saw a changing trend for iPhone models. The iPhone 6 decimated the market once ruled by the iPhone 4. However, this doesn’t mean that the warranties will not apply to the iPhone 4 models anymore.

Keep in mind that all brand new iPhone models have a standard warranty. Refurbished items from Apple’s website have the same standard warranty. You can also get the AppleCare Plus plan for these models.

If you didn’t buy your iPhone from Apple, you can still get the AppleCare Plus plan. You will have to do a diagnostic test on your device right away to make sure it’s all good. Apple will not cover a device that’s already broken.

3. What Do These Warranties Cover?

The standard warranty covers manufacturing defects for the most part. This AppleCare warranty covers defects in everything that came in the box. That means your mobile device, charger, and headphones are eligible for repairs, too.

The standard warranty covers manufacturing defects. These manufacturing defects can be software or hardware problems. As a note, if you bought your iPhone 8 between September 2017 and March 2018, there’s a chance it’s defective.

Extended AppleCare warranties cover repairs for two incidents. Apple will still charge for repair fees, but AppleCare Plus gives you a cheaper price for these. The screen repair fee goes down to $29 and other repairs will cost $99.

The special AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss plan covers, well, theft and loss. That is to say, this plan allows for two accidental incidents of damage, theft, or loss. This is your ideal plan if you are more concerned about your iPhone getting stolen or lost.

What can we say? Everybody loves Apple’s iOS. With the loyalty rate for Apple’s iOS resting between 85% and 88%, that should come as no surprise.  

4. How Long Do Warranties Last?

Apple’s standard iPhone warranty lasts one year. This means the warranty service for repairs is only available for 12 months after the date of purchase of the iPhone. There is also the 90 days of phone support included in this service.

The AppleCare Plus plan extends your warranty for another year, totaling to two years. Your phone and chat support service gets a total of two full years as well. Remember that your warranty for headphones and charging port still apply with AppleCare Plus.

If you’re nearing the two years coverage for your AppleCare Plus plan without having had issues that need repair, you must be a god. You’re also probably thinking that you might want your money back. It is possible to cancel your AppleCare Plus plan and get a refund.

If you want to know your warranty coverage, you can go to the Apple Support site. Enter the Online Service Assistant section. In there, you can input the serial number of your iPhone to check for your warranty coverage.

Always remember to bring proof that you bought it when you go to the Apple store. They will need to see it before they take a look at your phone. This is to confirm the warranty status of your iPhone.

5. What Invalidates the Warranty on iPhones?

In 2017, Apple had a policy shift. It says that iPhones that have had screen repairs by a third-party no longer voided warranty. The warranty remains under the condition that the fix doesn’t damage components.

There are several issues that the standard iPhone warranty doesn’t cover. These are problems resulting from or related to:

  • Batteries
  • Cosmetic damages (scratches and dents)
  • Disassembly
  • Repairs by providers not authorized by Apple
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Unauthorized modifications
  • Changes by the user (e.g. jailbreaking)
  • Theft

Except for the AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss plan, these complaints are not included in the warranty. If you bring your iPhone to the Apple store with these complaints, you won’t get any repairs or replacements. Bringing your iPhone to the Apple store with these problems cancels your warranty.

Your Warranty Guaranteed

And that is what you need to know about the warranty on iPhones.

We hope you this was helpful. After all, even the newest iPhones can break easily. Even with the best care, they could still fall onto the floor or a puddle of water.

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