Extended Warranties

**CPS also provides additional coverage for malfunctions due to Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH). Please see our FAQ page or contact one of customer service representatives for more details.


Audio Covers home audio equipment such as amplifiers, audio controllers, A/V receivers, cassette decks, CD/MD players/recorders, mini and micro systems, digital audio tape (DAT), digital recorders, drum machines, home theatre in a box systems, karaoke machines, keyboards, shelf systems, speakers, subwoofers, turntables, etc.
Baby Care Electronics Covers any electronic devices associated with raising children such as baby/nanny cams and monitors, breast pumps, baby swings, bassinets etc.
Camera Lenses Covers any individual lens which connects to an SLR or digital SLR or any other type of camera.
Cellular Telephone Covers any cellular telephone & smartphone including:

Commercial Appliance Covers most commercial/ industrial strength appliances. Including, but not limited to refrigerators, dishwashers, cutting equipment, floor cleaners/polishers, sewing/embroidery machines, vacuum cleaners, vending machines, coin operated washer/dryers etc.
Computer / Laptop Covers most hardware located within desktop, laptop, tablet PC’s or servers; including but not limited to motherboards, video cards, Bios, RAM, CD/DVD drives, touch pads, keyboards etc.

  • Macbook Extended Warranty


Computer Peripherals Covers most hardware which connects to and is located outside a desktop or laptop computer such as digitizer, drawing tablet, trackball mouse, video web cam, external hard drive, etc.
Digital Camera Covers any digital point and shoot camera, digital SLR camera (body only) or any other camera which transfers pictures onto a memory card. This contract includes free annual cleaning and our exclusive 29 point diagnostics.*
Digital Picture Frame Covers any device displaying rotating digital images.
DVD / DVR Player Covers recording devices such as VCRs, DVD players/recorders, DVD/VCR combos, dual deck units, portable DVD players, S-VHS, VCR players/recorders, Blu-ray DVD devices.
Exercise Equipment Covers any device manufactured for exercise. Machines include treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, elliptical, weight training machines etc.
Fax / Printer / Scanner Covers any fax machine, any printer, any style scanning device, All-in-One units, copy machines etc.
Film Based Camera Covers any camera which transfers still pictures onto film, 110mm, 35mm, large and medium format, etc.
Flash / Strobe Covers any flash or strobe light which is used in conjunction with any type of camera.
GPS Device Covers any device which communicates with the Global Positioning Satellite such as street pilots, marine navigation units, handheld, etc.
HDTV Receiver Covers HDTV set top boxes such as those made for DirectTV, dish network, or cable companies, etc.
Home Safety/Comfort Covers household safety and comfort devices such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, digital thermostats, wireless door bells, etc.
Home Theater System Covers a combination of a television or projector combined with up to 4 additional A/V components used in a typical home theater setup. i.e. audio receiver, DVD player/recorder, CD player, set top box, speakers, video distribution boxes, etc.
Industrial Printers Covers any professional use printers within a commercial environment.
Lawn & Garden Covers push lawn mowers, weed wackers, hedge cutters, leaf blowers, snow blowers/thowers etc.
Major Appliance Covers dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerator/freezers, ice makers, trash compactors, ovens, ranges, cooktops, vent hoods, Air Conditioners, Portable Heaters, Humidifiers, BBQ, Grills etc.
Massage Chair Covers any massage chair.
Mobile Electronics Covers 12-volt electronics made for use within an automobile or boat such as amplifier, digital crossovers, AM/FM/HD radios, CD changers, DVD players, mini-disc players, mobile video monitors/players/systems, radar detectors, satellite radios, scanner/CD radios, security systems, speakers, subwoofers etc.
Musical Instruments
OEM USA Limited Warranty Original Equipment Manufacturer USA Warranty – For use by manufacturers or dealers wishing to outsource the initial warranty service on products sold within the United States.
Office Machines Covers machines used in an office environment such as typewriters, paper shredders, paper folders, envelope stuffers, cash registers, calculators, money counters, etc.
PBX Telephone System Covers multi line, multi extension PBX or VoIP phone systems.
PDA Covers any personal data assistant device.
Portable / Personal Covers any personal or portable electronic device not covered by its own category such as portable CD players, portable MP3 players, iPods, personal shavers, hair trimmers, hairdryers, etc.

Power Generators Covers any device which generates its own power such as gas driven generators etc.
Power Tools Covers any household power tools such as power drills, circular saws, jigsaws, power screwdrivers, tablesaws, power hammers, grinders, hammerdrills, etc.
Pro Video Covers professional video equipment. Including but not limited to Video Cameras, Video Monitors, Video Editing, Video Conferencing, Motorized Projector Screens and Mixing Boards etc.
Product Replacement Covers the replacement of any product which plugs in or takes a battery. This contract begins from the date of purchase and extends to the duration selected.
Projector Covers any projector used in a residential non commercial setting.
Projector Bulb Replacement Covers two bulb replacements (up to $350.00 per occurrence) for a projector used in a non-commercial environment. This contract begins from the date of purchase and extends to the duration selected.
Remote Control Covers any device which remotely controls another device such as universal remote controls, home theater control tablets, home automation controls, etc.
Riding Mowers / Lawn Tractors In-Home Covers riding machines such as mowers, tractors, snowplow quads, etc.
Small Appliance Covers any common small household appliance such as blenders, mixers, ice cream makers, coffee makers, grinders, electric can openers, irons, steaming machines, sewing machines, vaccuum cleaners, rug shampoo machines, Roombas, etc.
Surveillance Equipment Covers typical surveillance system devices including but not limited to quads and multiplexers, indoor, outdoor or hidden cameras, audio recording devices, security related DVR or HDD recording devices, PC based DVR cards, illuminators, video servers, IP video devices, GPS trackers etc.
Surveillance System Covers a combination of a DVR or HDD recording device combined with up to 4 devices in a typical surveillance system installation i.e. multiplexers, central alarm system, indoor, outdoor or hidden cameras, computer system, intercom system etc.
Tablets Covers eBook readers and tablets (such as iPad, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy Tab, etc.). Notebooks with touchscreens are covered under the Computer/Notebook category.

Telephone Covers devices related to communications such as 2-way radios, answering machines/systems, conference, corded and cordless telephones and systems, headsets, video phones, VoIP phones, etc.
Television Covers any size television or monitor such as tube, projection, DLP, LCD, plasma, etc.**
TV Bulb Replacement Covers two bulb replacements (up to $175.00 per occurrence) for a projection type television. This contract begins from the date of purchase and extends to the duration selected.
Video Camera Covers any video camera, digital video camera or any other video device which transfers video images onto video tape, DVD, hard drive or memory card.
Video Game Console Covers any Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, or any other Brand name Console unit + one controller.

* Only available in the continental US
** Bulbs not included

Units must be shipped to service center to obtain service, unless otherwise specified