Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5: Should dedicated users make the switch?

Much like Coke and Pepsi in the 1980s, Apple and Samsung are waging an intense battle for market share – and stealing each other’s customers is one of the best ways to accomplish that.

So which company is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of smartphone devotees? A recent study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners gives Apple the edge. According to their published research, 20-percent of iPhone buyers in the last year switched from Android. Only eight-percent of Samsung owners switched to Apple. Given those numbers, should Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 (the companies’ respective flagship devices) owners make the switch?

Here are some things to consider if you’re tempted.


Anyone who decides to switch faces an immediate challenge: navigating the change in ecosystem. These days, most of us are deeply integrated into our favorite applications, be they Gmail and Google Maps or iTunes and iMessage. Our smartphones are almost personal assistants — and the thought of getting a new one can be anxiety-inducing. But in reality this isn’t a task of back-breaking proportion. Much of your data (contacts, photos etc.) moves over automatically. Learning the Google or Apple equivalent of your most-used applications and services isn’t particularly troublesome.

Form and function

The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 offer much of the same functionality. You may take a different route to get there, but ultimately both let you take great photos, use your favorite apps and play the latest iteration of Angry Birds. But users should be warned that the two operating systems (Android and iOS) used on the phones have some key differences.

Apple vs Samsung
Will Apple groupies make the switch to the S4?

Without getting into too much tech-y detail, it’s safe to say Android offers power and the ability to customize while iOS offers stability with effortless design and navigation. If you’re an iPhone 5 owner who prizes that phone’s simple and intuitive feel, you may not want to switch. If you’re a Galaxy S4 owner who enjoys that phone’s almost unlimited ability to be tweaked, iPhone 5 may not be for you.

With regard to form, some people prize the solid aluminium feel of the iPhone. The Galaxy S4 has a lighter, more plastic appearance. If you’re an iPhone switcher who pines for the sleek design of your former device, don’t fear – there are a multitude of stylish Galaxy S4 covers available for purchase.


While we mentioned earlier that both phones offer much of the same, they do have points of departure. Some consider the iPhone’s App Store to be superior to Google Play. Many of the most-popular apps appear in the App Store before reaching Google Play. But the App Store is a more locked-down environment due to Apple’s more-stringent standards. Another key difference is screen size — the Galaxy is about an inch larger. While going from four inches to five won’t present problems, many Galaxy owners switching to iPhone may struggle to adapt to the smaller device.

Should you switch? That’s a question of personal preference. But if you want to see if the grass is greener, rest assured that you can do the smartphone switch with relative ease.