Gaming Console Extended Warranty Protection

gaming console extended warranty
Thank you for looking at our gaming console extended warranty! Our coverage is not in another castle; you’re in the right place. Let me guess, you’re getting the newest Playstation? Or maybe Nintendo’s dropped another console. It looks nice but is a bit pricey. You, being a modern person, know it’s smart to make sure your purchase is protected. CPS has your back.

We’ve got the perfect gaming console protection plan for you.

Our console extended warranty provides either 2 or 4 years’ worth of coverage. Our standard plan includes any hardware failure, so if the console shorts and you see the red ring of death or its equivalent, we’ve got you covered. For new consoles with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, our contract and coverage begin after the 1st year of your manufacturer’s warranty is over. For refurbished consoles with a 30 to 90 days warranty, our contract starts the date you purchase your console, with coverage starting after the seller’s warranty is over. Our standard plan does not cover any damage done to your console.

Maybe you’re thinking you need a bit of extra coverage though. Maybe you’ve got a dog who’s prone to knocking stuff over or a housemate who always seems to be tripping on chords. Our accidental plan may just be for you. Our accidental plan includes accidental damage done to the console. This includes any drops below 6 feet and small spills on the console. For this plan, our contract starts on the date you purchase your system, with coverage beginning on day 31 when most store’s return policies end. Neither of our plans covers intentional damage, full water submersion, or lost or stolen consoles. So when you’re purchasing your next console check with your dealer to see if they offer CPS extended warranties. If they do, do a barrel roll and purchase one, before starting a new game confidently, knowing your console is covered.