Google reportedly building an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is tipped to be developing another new operating system, this time for the Internet of Things. This new operating system is code-named “Brillo” and will connect all devices connected to the internet. This software may be launched under the Android brand and could have the ability to run on low-powered devices. This would be another open source operating system that would allow companies of all sorts to join in on the web-connected party with ease, and more importantly, cheaply, too.

 Sources speaking with The Information suggest that Google’s software could be released – or at least revealed – at next week’s developer-based convention, Google I/O 2015. It’s also tipped that this operating system could be released with a very basic build at first, able to connect to the web and connect devices to one another, but not one whole heck of a lot else right out of the box.

Source: Engadget