Here’s The 7 Best Reasons To Getting A Phone Warranty

Here’s The 7 Best Reasons To Getting A Phone Warranty

Your phone is more than just a fun device. It basically runs your entire life. Click here to learn 7 reasons why you should get a phone warranty to protect it.

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Your new phone is so nice and shiny. You take a vow. 

You say to yourself, “I will buy the best case and screen protector.”

You stand proud when you say, “And I will never use my phone on the throne.” 

For those reasons, you convince yourself you don’t need a phone warranty. 

But did you know that on average a new iPhone only remains shiny and new for about 10 weeks? That’s right! 

The average time that a new iPhone will break is just 10 weeks.

And everyone knows that life happens. Sometimes you just need to cover your assets.

Does that mean your phone? It may! 

Read on for the biggest reasons you need insurance for your phone. After, you just may find yourself convinced that it’s worth it.  

7 Great Reasons To Cover Your Smartphone

Here are 7 great reasons why it’s worth it to purchase your own cell phone insurance or phone warranty plan. 

1. It’s Cheap Enough

It’s cheap enough overall. Even if you opted for a top-of-the-line insurance plan at $20/month, that’s much less than you would pay for a replacement phone without insurance. 

The good news is that most don’t even cost that much per month. 

2. Accidents Happen

Murphy’s Law is well-known for a reason. In fact, accidents do happen. That’s why most people have an auto, homeowners, renters, and health insurance policy. 

Think about how much you use your smartphone. Do you really want to take that risk? 

3. It’s Expensive to Replace a SmartPhone 

 A brand speaking new iPhone can cost over $1,000. Maybe you are paying for a new model over time through your cell phone provider. 

Even if this is the case, it’s worth it to ask yourself if you would be able to replace the entire phone if something were to happen. 

Some phone companies offer insurance plans when you buy a new phone. But what it actually covers if you were to claim a total loss of your phone is sometimes a surprise. 

You may get a refurbished replacement or a “similar” model.

4. A Case Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be (Pun Intended!)

Many smartphone owners believe that having a case is the best protection for their new phones. This helps, of course. 

But, think about the nature of an accident or mishap. You bring it everywhere.  

We all know someone who dropped his or her phone into the potty…before flushing. Yuck! 

Most people would call that a total loss. 

Insurance can cover not just potty problems, but also the loss of your phone. Maybe you went to a concert and put it down next to you for a moment. Now it’s gone.  

Your phone case didn’t protect against that, now did it? 

5. Repair Companies Are Not Always the Best Route

Some smartphone owners find comfort in the mass of cell phone repair companies that are out there. 

For these types, the first thought is usually, “I won’t break or lose my phone.” 

Then the plot thickens and these types believe that if for some reason, that did happen, there are plenty of repair companies. 

But remember, not all of these “repair” professionals are reputable. And some are just plain expensive. 

So if the time comes, you may not have that chunk of change to pay a repair person. And if you did, wouldn’t you just get yourself a new phone anyway? 

6. It’s Easy to File a Claim

Many of the cell phone insurance companies make it simple and easy to file a claim. In today’s tech-based world, you can file a claim from virtually anywhere. 

You can often do so with the simple click of a button on an app. 

Regardless, before you choose a phone insurance company, consider their claims procedures. These places want your business so they make things easy for you. 

You want easy because life without a phone is unimaginable. 

7. You Can Stop Worrying

There’s always that person who chooses not to get insurance or a phone warranty. 

It’s surely a guarantee that their blood pressure is pretty high. These people are always worrying. 

They wrap their phone in bubble wrap (but remember, that doesn’t protect you from theft!). 

They worry but don’t take the phone insurance plunge. 

Is a Phone Warranty the Same As Phone Insurance

You can get a phone warranty or insurance policy. Both will provide you with some protections. There are different types of warranties, too. 

The bottom line is that although they both protect to some degree, a cell phone warranty is not insurance. Insurance can also cover manufacturing issues if the warranty runs out.

Generally, if there are manufacturing defects or hardware issues, the manufacturer will take care of repairing or replacing. Sometimes a retailer may have a warranty.

Phone insurance is different. It will protect you from theft, loss, or damage. If you purchase a comprehensive policy, you won’t have to answer many questions. 

File Your Phone Under Fully Protected

Your best is to get a phone warranty with a good smartphone insurance plan.

You want some guarantees. You made an investment in a product that you probably get more use out of than any of your other electronics. 

Now is the time to consider fully protecting your phone.  Protect from hardware, software, breaks, loss, or theft. 

There’s true peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a new phone. 

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