Consumer Priority Service Reviews the HP Elitebook 2560P

While the HP Elitebook is portable, it is certainly not as ultra portable as the Toshiba Portege R830. The machine weighs more than 5lbs, including a hunky battery that juts out from the rear of the laptop, which makes it anything but dainty. But on the flip-side, its inelegance is compensated by a body that can really take a licking. In fact, the notebook has been fashioned to withstand tumbles, temperature shock and even extreme changes in altitude.

Similar to the Lenovo Thinkpad, there’s a pointing stick on the 2560’s island keyboard. Coupled with a pair of left and right mouse buttons underneath the space bar, the stick allows users to control the cursor without having to take their fingers off of the keys.
The Elitebook boasts performance that is nothing short of…well, elite. It’s processor is a 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i5-2540M – and in test runs, the device proved to execute tasks 21% faster than the Toshiba. However, just like the Toshiba, the HP has single-channel RAM. Furthermore, the notebook’s battery is pretty decent boasting a run-time of about 4 hours at full charge.

A definite perk about the 2560P is how easy it is to upgrade. No geek needed: simply slide the underside off of the machine completely (you don’t even have to fuss with any screws) – and there you’ll find a 2.5” drive bay which ships with a 160GB SSD, and an open Mini PCIe slot and an empty RAM slot.

If you’re a touch of a computer-phobe, this machine might win you over with its Elite Premium Support service, which is included when you buy the notebook. Under this warranty, users have access to the highly trained “Elite team” round-the-clock.

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