The HTC One V: Not too Hot, Not too Cold, This Droid’s Just Right

Okay, so this one may not knock your socks off – but it definitely won’t blow your budget – and for some, that’s all that’s needed. The HTC One V is an Android 4.0 smartphone with a 5MP camera at a very affordable cost.

Cousin to the HTC One X with sports the bionic quad-core processor, the One V may not be as revolutionary in the way of specs when compared to the One X, but it’s definitely a smart choice for a smartphone that sits just above the margin of the lower-level smartphone division.

The rear-mounted camera on this device is definitely on of its most alluring features – not to mention the camera is capable of 720p HD recording which generates clear, brilliant, vibrant quality, bolstered by the strong-gutted Beats audio.

The interface on the One V is impressive, too. It UI is roomy, fluid and fast – and when coupled with a healthy dose of hardware, the product is a well-rounded user experience providing all of the bare essentials. To balance our the fact that such a an affordable phone obviously cannot provide the more elite specs of its fancier competitors, this phone compensates by delivering users with 25GB of free cloud storage for two full years, via the popular Dropbox.

And believe it or not, this modest model sports hardware that is almost eerily similar to that of the iPhone with its 5MP camera, 512MB of RAM, 1 Ghz Qualcomm processor and an alluring 800 x 480p 3.7-inch display. And, get this: the HTC One V has Ice Cream Sandwich – which seems almost too good to be true – but alas, it’s true.

At 3.7 inches, the touchscreen on this humble Droid is about the same size of the iPhone 4S and its body is about 9.2 mm thin that weighs about 115 g – not too shabby.

For a smartphone that delivers all of the basics – but with a hint of a the cutting-edge flair we all crave today, the HTC One V is a wise choice.

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