Improve Your Look with these Helpful Beauty Apps

Are you ever completely stuck and not sure how to do with your look? If so, there are some instant help apps out there that are going to drastically help improve how you can get ready for a date, work meeting or any other event, all without much trouble at all.

These apps are going to demonstrate what you can do, some different makeup tips and how you are able to apply the different styles to your own body, even though you haven’t done it before. Then once you have checked out the apps and know what you need, you can purchase everything the look might require at a makeup and perfume outlet near you.


This is one of the very best beauty applications out there as it is basically like combining the best beauty tips from Pinterest and YouTube into a single application. The step by step instructions for you on nails, makeup, hair styles and everything else is going to be demonstrated rather easily with pictures that show progress and how to apply the different looks.

The only problem you are going to have is you will want to try all of the different looks, and there are only so many different times you can. The application is for both iOS and Android, so you shouldn’t have an issue running the app on your phone.

Hair Cast

Hair cast app
Hair cast app

Have you ever spent hours in the bathroom, propping and crimping your hair in order to stay perfect, only to walk out and have the humidity instantly destroy your look with a sudden ‘poof?’ Well, this will never happen again, as the Hair Cast application is able to use your given GPS location in order to determine if it will be appropriate weather for your hair style or if there is something else you need to do in order to prepare for the coming temperature shift and humidity change. This application is available for both iOS and Android, so again, you shouldn’t have much of an issue with this application on your mobile device.


So you’re in the nail polish isle and just spotted the latest release from your favorite nail polish brand. The problem though, is that you don’t really know if it is going to look good on your fingers and if it will match your skin tone. Thankfully, the OPI application is going to provide you with all of the knowledge you need. You simply need to select the makeup line, then choose the collection and you are going to see all of the different color brands.

From there, you can select the color and it will virtually display the color onto a hand, which you can change the look of and the skin tone, in order to fit what your skin tone is. This way, you won’t have to guess as to if it is going to work well for your skin and hand style or not. Currently, this application is only available for iOS.