Introducing Google’s Fiber Internet Connection

It’s a bird…It’s a plane – nope, it’s Google’s fast-as-lightning 1000 Mpbs fiber internet connection. The service which has no bandwidth max, no overage fees and comes with a mammoth 1TB of free cloud storage, went live in Kansas last Thursday.

But that’s not all… Google has another trick up its sleeve called Google Fiber Television, a service similar to Google TV but more crisp and with higher capacity for recording HD programming. In addition, there will be apps for remote access to the service for iOS and Android, both into which Google plans to install voice control and video streaming. As for the channel package: customers receive access to every broadcast network as well as hundreds of new Fiber Channels.

What Google Fiber Costs

  • Initial Construction Fee – $300 (waived for new customers)
  • Internet + TV (includes 1 TB of storage) – $120/month
  • Internet Only (includes 1 TB of storage) – $70/month
  • Customers who choose to pay the $300 construction fee can also choose a free 5 Mbps down 1 Mpbs up package
  • Installment plan: Customers can break their payments into $25/month for the first year

It’s been weaving through the grapevine that Google has been brewing up a certain something called Google Fiber Television for some time. But now that the cat is official out of the bag, naturally there are contenders on the sidelines, chomping at the bit to compete. Enter Roku for instance, recently devoured by a content creator and distributor (News Corp and British Sky Broadcasting threw in about 50 million bucks to give Roku a head start in the streaming relay) – the launch of which you can read more about here.

Nevertheless, Google takes pole position in this particular race. Runner-up is Verizon’s 300 Mpbs connection over FiOS, which lags far behind as is is more than three times more sluggish than the newly-spawned Google gigabit connection .