iPad 3 to Be called iPad HD: the Rest is Speculation Until Launch Tomorrow

It’s here…almost. Tomorrow, iFanatics will finally have a look at Apple’s much-awaited new iPad 3 – which has been officially named the iPad HD. The unveiling will take place in New York City, on the tails of Apple Company’s recent public vow to deliver “…something you really have to see. And touch.” While cyber networks are swirling with debatable chitchat regarding the newest iPad, a handful of gossip may prove not far removed from the truth upon release of the actual device.

First, the iPad HD will probably sport a spanking new, quad-core processor similar to those donned by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4. The A6 processors are most likely going to be produced by Samsung, notwithstanding their notoriously difficult patent challenges as-of-late.

The next iPad’s display will probably knock your socks off, too. Leaks have revealed various ideas regarding the new gadget’s screen. Some sources have their bets placed on a 2048 X 1536-resolution 9.7-inch display, others speculate it will don a Samsung AMOLED-screen, and still others have their sights set on a Sharp-made LCD 2048 X 1536 retina panel with dual LED light bar technology.

Other rumors suggest that LTE support will be provided for users in the USA – or that it will feature a Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip. In addition, there’s lots of hype leaning towards the idea that the launch of the new iPad will serve as the prologue for a near-future release of iOS 5.1.

Apple’s new gadget will most likely trump its predecessors in the endurance department via a bigger battery making for a longer lifetime as well as boosted graphics power. As well, it is expected to have an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip permitting users to access info and manage settings at lightening speed – and speaking of lightening, the new iPad could feature a Thunderbolt port.

Other spec-ulations are that the iPad will include an SD card slot, an enhanced camera, gesture controls a la the popular Kinect system, a carbon fiber case, and a thicker (yes, thicker) design.

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