iPhone 6 Camera Gets Upgraded

There are many divergent thoughts regarding the nature of the iPhone and its upcoming new release. Outside of questions such as, “How much will it cost to unlock the iPhone 6?” There are many theories regarding the functional capacity of the iPhone.

The iPhone 6 will likely have many updated features but one of the most desired is a camera upgrade. While it is true that few people take professional photographs with their smart phone there are many people who would like to be able to create better photos without lugging around an extra camera.

What Types of Upgrades Should the iPhone 6 Have?

A few of the more sought after upgrades include the ability to filter light better, improved manual exposure controls, bigger imaging sensors, greater overall image stabilization capacity, and the ability to launch camera apps from the lock screen.

What will the new iPhone unleash this time?

These particular upgrades would make the iPhone 6 a serious force to reckon with once again when it comes to the smart phone market. While the men and women of Apple do continually release products that command the largest market share, that share is dwindling by the day.

The overall increase of better technology from the competition has seen the once grand monopoly begin to lose its edge by a serious margin. Instead of a single slight upgrade series for the phone as Apple has done in the past, Apple could implement these changes and seriously blow away the competition once again. The fact of the matter is that some of these upgrades already exist in varying levels among their competition.

Increased Performance vs. Increased Image Size

The overall increase in imaging sensors, for instance, would drastically improve the performance of the iPhone 6 as a social media tool. While having more pixels to work with is great if you want a larger image those pixels do not translate directly to clearer photography. In order to create crisp, clear, photos of extraordinary quality a larger overall sensor is needed.

This will allow more light into the photograph and improve image quality greatly. As it stands right now most smart phones utilize a sensor no larger than what you may find on the typical entry level digital camera. Don’t you think that your iPhone 6 deserves a better camera system than a $20 Wal-Mart special digital camera?

The increase in pixels allows for a much larger image, but if Apple increases the overall size of the camera sensor then the photos become sharper and more detailed. Why not find a happy medium between the two? Large, crisp, photos will always be better than huge blurry images.

The rumor mill has it that the iPhone 6 will have up to 13 megapixels. This is great! However, introducing a larger sensor would allow for a drastic increase in quality. Imagine a 13 MP camera that can take highly detailed photos directly from your iPhone? You might not be a professional photographer with that equipment but at least you would have a solid entry level camera that takes excellent photos.