Is a Furniture Protection Plan is Worth the Money? 5 Reasons You Need a Furniture Protection Plan

5 Reasons Why You Need a Furniture Protection Plan

Should you pay for a furniture protection plan? Here’s why protecting your furniture is worth the investment!

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Let’s paint a picture. Boom, your arm knocks against a wine glass. Your white couch gets covered in red stains. If you know anything about wine stains, you know those stains are likely permanent.

One simple mistake and now you’re out hundreds to thousands of dollars. But there is an alternative. A way that saves you from your own mistakes, and the mistakes of others. They’re called furniture protection plans.

Furniture protection plans offer peace of mind. When the dog jumps on the couch you know that you’re protected from the inevitable paw print stains.

But do you actually need a furniture protection plan? Today, we’re here to show you why a furniture protection plan is an excellent investment. Let’s get started.

Furniture Protection Plan 101

Furniture protection plans are insurance for your furniture. Think of them like car insurance, health insurance, or homeowner insurance. Though unlike car insurance, health insurance, or homeowner insurance, furniture insurance is a one-time cost.

When you purchase furniture, the salesperson will likely offer you furniture insurance. You’ll pay a certain amount of money for a set amount of coverage. While these plans are fine, they also only apply to the furniture you’re purchasing.

Third-party furniture plans apply to any furniture you own. They represent a better way to protect your furniture’s long-term value. Some plans even cover manufacturer defects and flaws.

So while manufacturer protection plans are worth the money, third-party protection plans are the better option. Given the choice, go with the third-party plan. Let’s look at 5 reasons why this is the option to go with.

1. You Have Pets

Furniture protection plans can keep your furniture safe from animal damage. Most plans cover pet damage (though you should always double check the coverage before purchasing a plan).

Everyone loves their dog or cat; some people even love their rabbit or ferret. Most people love to keep furry friends as companions. Pets are an accepted part of growing up.

However, cats scratch, pee, and knock things over, while dogs pee, bite, and dig things. Owning an animal is asking for furniture damage. You can’t really blame the animal for acting on its instincts, but you can protect your furniture.

2. You Have Kids

Not everyone has kids, but a large majority of people at some point in their life plan on having children. What’s more, your friend might have kids and bring them to your house.

And while we’re sure everyone’s children are well-behaved angels, accidents happen. They’re still kids, after all.

Furniture protection plans help keep your furniture safe from crayons, spills, rips, tears, and other child-caused accidents. Even the best-behaved kids can cause damage.

3. Furniture Is Expensive

Yes, this is pretty obvious, but furniture is expensive. You can spend thousands of dollars on tables, chairs, couches, etc. Even if you’re on a budget, new furniture costs into the hundreds of dollars.

Think of your last paycheck, or maybe your monthly income. Now take a look at some online furniture stores. Chances are, furniture represents a non-inconsequential part of your income.

So why not protect that investment.

Furniture protection plans keep your investment safe. Quality furniture can last a lifetime, but only if you take care of your investment. There’s no reason to let accidents ruin what would otherwise last a lifetime.

4. Accidents Happen

Accidents happen. Yes, we’re stating the obvious. However, people all too often dismiss accidents and think “it won’t happen to me,” or “what are the chances?” Yet people still pay for car insurance, health insurance, and other types of insurance.

So why, then, wouldn’t you pay for furniture insurance? For a nominal amount of money, you can insure yourself against any and all accidents. We think of insurance as peace of mind.

Insurance means not worrying about spilling that glass of wine. When it spills, there’s no anger and no frustration, just the knowledge that accidents aren’t a big deal and that you’re covered.

5. Even Manufacturers Make Mistakes

Manufacturers aren’t perfect. Sometimes products have defects, and you can’t always catch those defects before you buy the piece of furniture. You might get home and find your chair has a rip, or your table has a chip.

The point being, defects aren’t always noticeable. Furniture protection plans can cover defective furniture. Your protection plan can replace or mend your defective furniture.

Choosing Your Protection Plan

Choosing your own furniture protection plan isn’t always straightforward. You’ll need to understand your options and weigh which plan is right for you. Though we do recommend third-party protection plans. They offer flexible, comprehensive coverage that you can’t get from manufacturer plans.

Do you need the most extensive plan? Something that covers hardwood? What about fabric? Which you should purchase depends on your own unique wants and needs.

When choosing your plan, always select more coverage than you think you’ll need. Overprotecting your furniture is always better than risking your investment.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the fence about choosing a plan, now’s the time. The sooner you purchase a plan, the sooner your investments are secured against any accident.

So if you’re in the market for a furniture protection plan, get in contact with us. We offer various plans to ensure you get the best protection for your unique situation.

We also have a team of experts on staff that would love to help you get the best plan for your needs. They have years of experience and know which plans are likely to offer you the most value for your money.