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2-Year Extended Replacement LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP Purchase Lamp Protection

Coverage under this plan will begin instantly upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s original written parts warranty for the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp. This plan will furnish a replacement lamp for the LCD, LCoS, D-LHA or DLP lamp that has failed and would normally be covered by the original manufacturer’s written warranty, unless contrarily stated in the lamp protection exclusions from coverage section of this plan.

Should the LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp fail within the duration of this plan, and is subject to the protection under the terms of this plan Consumer Priority Service shall arrange for the replacement of the covered lamp. The LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp protection plan only applies to the lamp. This plan does not cover any other parts that may fail or trip, labor or shipping related to replacement. This plan will cover up to two (2) replacement lamps during the term of this plan.

This plan must be purchased at the same time and on the same sales receipt as the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP product. Proof of purchase may be required at the time of service. Consumer Priority Service reserves the right to refund the full plan price, canceling the contract, if false and/or exaggerated claims are filed.

If you call for service and the problem found is not a result of failure of the LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp, the purchaser of this plan shall be responsible to pay any fees incurred as a result of the service initiated. To initiate a claim please log on to or call toll free (800) 905-0445.

This article sets fourth the entire plan and may not be modified except by Consumer Priority Service. Coverage only applies to products used non-commercially. You may be required to ship or deliver the defective lamp prior to receiving a replacement lamp.

Lamp Usage and Maintenance Guidelines

To ensure continued, un-interrupted enjoyment of your new television, it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • To avoid interrupting the power line to the television unit, do not cut off main power supplies to the television. Plug the television into a wall A/C socket. Do not use the A/C socket on your satellite or cable box. Do not use a wall outlet that can be turned off with a switch. The cooling fan for the lamp runs for a period of time after you turn the set off with the remote or power button. Once the fan has stopped running, you may remove power from the unit if necessary. Removing power from an operating set may shorten the life of your lamp, or it may cause damage not covered by this plan
  • Clean or replace the filter annually or whenever you replace the lamp (refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions in your owner’s manual
  • Most televisions require that you reset a timer when the lamp is replaced. Resetting the timer without replacing the lamp may cause damage to your television not covered by this plan.
  • It is normal for the lamp’s output to grow dimmer as it ages. By following the above guidelines, your TV should give you viewing enjoyment for the entire rated life of the lamp.
Lamp Protection Exclusions from Coverage

This plan does not cover any loss or damage resulting from: pre-existing conditions; manufacturing defects improper installation of the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp; failure to reset timer after bulb replacement : dimming, exploding lamps, losses on any component(s) never covered by a manufacturer’s warranty; installation of incorrect lamp; power surge or overload; usage beyond lifespan of lamp; reception and transmission problems resulting from external causes unauthorized repairs or modifications, improper use of electrical and/or power supply; loss of power, any result of a malfunction or damage of an operating part from failure to provide manufactures recommended maintenance, such as cleaning filters: intentional and/or accidental damage by third parties.

Other exclusions include but are not limited too labor, trip or shipping charge portions of the repair for the covered LCD, LCoS, D-ILA or DLP lamp, any repair covered by a manufacturer’s warranty; manipulation or modifications; neglect, misuse, abuse of any component including adjustments, disposal cost of any component; employee or third party; damage caused by any repair personnel or any owner, components and products used for commercial purposes; products provided for public use or rental.