Laptop Extended Warranty Protection Plan

laptop extended warranty protection plan
Ah, the trusty laptop. Good for writing papers, doing work, and watching kitten videos. But what happens when your laptop breaks? Repairs can be a lengthy and costly process. Lucky for you, CPS is here to help.

We’ve got the perfect laptop protection plan for you.

laptop extended warranty
Our laptop extended warranties provide 1 to 4 years of coverage for your most precious electronics. For laptops that come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, our contract starts the day the manufacturer’s warranty is over. For refurbished products, our contract starts the date you purchase your laptop, and coverage starts as soon as your refurbished warranty ends. Like most of our standard warranties, our laptop warranties cover all the inside machinery that makes your laptop tick. If a piece of hardware short circuits, you can send your laptop to our repair center and we’ll get it fixed, pronto. But what happens when your laptop bag strap breaks and your laptop falls, or you laugh so hard watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu that you spill your drink on your keyboard. We know problems can arise, so we also have our accidental plans. These plans cover any drop under 6 feet and any minor spills. For our accidental plans, the contract starts the day you purchase your laptop, with coverage starting on day 31, after most stores return policy ends.

There are a few notable exceptions to our laptop coverage. Neither our accidental, nor our standard laptop warranties will cover intentional damage done to your laptop, lost or stolen laptops, or full submersion under water (so try not to bring your laptop in the bathtub with you).
So why not go ahead and look into our extended warranty when purchasing your next laptop? You can check with your laptop dealer to see if they sell our laptop extended warranty. If they do, they’ll be able to get you set up. From there, sit back, relax, and open up the next kitten video, knowing your laptop is ready for whatever life throws your way.